Rising Florida Rapper DGdidit on the Crossroads He Faced on His Journey Into the Music Industry

There are plenty of reasons why people strive for an entertainment career. Talented individuals believe they found their calling while others are only in it for fame and glory. However, others strive to reach a higher platform just to stand out in a crowd. For rising artist DGdidit, leaving a legacy is reason enough to enter the music industry.

Born and raised in Madison, Florida, David Fletcher’s upbringing was filled with music as he soaked in the sounds from the west coast, east coast, and southern artists. His love for music inspired him to follow in the footsteps of the artists he admired. Throughout his youth, Fletcher not only practiced the art of rapping, but he also excelled in it. The people around him could already tell that the young rapper would make it far in his career.

Taking the stage name DGdidit, he would later relocate to Tampa. There he embarked on his journey to break out in the music industry. DGdidit started uploading clips of his works on YouTube, catching the attention of music lovers and artists like Dave East, Jim Jones, and Johnny Cino, to name a few. The young artist’s works received praises from established names like Downtown Dion, Gio Dee, and Waka Flocka. It wasn’t long before he became a standout rapper and producer in the local music scene. 

Prior to getting his big break, DGdidit worked as a producer, collaborating with rapper Gio Dee for several tracks like “777” and “128 [DFFWM].” The tracks were met with praise, leading DGdidit to realize he had great potential as a producer. However, despite the temptation to delve into such a career, he was determined to show the world what he could do as an artist. With the foundation he built from sharing his works on YouTube, DGdidit’s career was primed and ready to go further. 

As an artist, DGdidit took everything he learned from the radio, streets, and friends to make his unique sound. His friend and veteran rapper, Wacka Flacka, labeled him as “the next Pharrell.” The praise gave him the confidence he needed to go even further. As a result, DGdidit slowly loosened up, going beyond what people expected from him and unleashing his full potential. 

When asked about what motivated him, the rising artist shared that he wanted to stand out in a crowd and leave people with something to remember. DGdidit also revealed that he wanted to stray away from his uncles and cousins’ path, all of whom served lengthy prison sentences. Taking their mistakes to heart, he decided to share his and their stories through music, hoping to influence the next generation.

DGdidit has recently uploaded the track “850 Flow” on SoundCloud, a song that describes the music style people are making out of the 850 area code in North Florida. Outside of music, the young artist has also delved into entrepreneurism. He is currently juggling both careers, determined to succeed in his endeavors. DGdidit hopes to reach great heights as he aspires to build a business out of his career.

You can find DGdidit’s tracks on SoundCloud and get the latest updates on his latest releases by following him on Instagram.

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