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Billie Eilish childhood celebrity crush

Sarah Michelle Gellar Says She Reciprocates Billie Eilish’s Crush on Her

Photo: EW In an Instagram story, Billie Eilish said that her childhood celebrity crush was Sarah Michelle Gellar for her iconic portrayal in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This news has fans thrilled, and they can’t wait until more info about this new pairing becomes available.  The 20-year-old iconic singer was born when Buffy died for 147 days and was resurrected. By this time, Gellar has already been featured on three covers of Entertainment Weekly, proving that age is just a

Oscar Isaac and Zoë Kravitz Will Host SNL This March

Photo: Vanity Fair Two high-profile celebrities will appear on “Saturday Night Live” on NBC this coming month. The network has announced Thursday that Oscar Isaac and Zoë Kravitz will be hosting consecutive episodes.  Isaac and Kravitz, first-time hosts, will anchor after John Mulaney. He will mark his start at the highly esteemed SNL Five-Timers Club when he hosts on February 26 at the first post-winter Olympics episode with LCD Soundsystem.  Isaac has been on the show before. The actor, who

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Partner with Adidas and PENSOLE to Establish a New High School

Photo: Billboard Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are looking into aiding LA high schoolers in creating their blueprint to success through a new collaboration with Adidas and PENSOLE, as well as a broadened multi-faceted disciplinary curriculum for LA high schools.  The “Wood U” workshops, held by Adidas, PENSOLE in partnership with Iovine and Young Academy at USC, helped Inglewood students create sneakers inspired by ambition, power and love. The Iovine and Young Academy was founded in 2013 at the University

Will Smith

Will Smith’s Friends and Family Remain Strong in Their Support for the Actor After Jada Pinkett’s Controversial Statements

Photo: Yahoo Will Smith made headlines at the Academy Awards after slapping Chris Rock for poking fun at his wife’s alopecia. Unfortunately, the Best Actor Oscar winner is still receiving a lot of backlash for his actions.  Understandably, Smith must support and protect his wife, Jada Pinkett. However, after a few days, the actress created controversy after releasing statements that seemed to indicate that she left her partner alone.  Even so, Will still receives support from his family and his