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Dakota Johnson Narrates Impact of Horrifying Gift from Alfred Hitchcock to Her Mother

Photo: Page Six When she was just a young girl, Melanie Griffith received the most petrifying gift from Alfred Hitchcock, a director famous for molding horror film history and supposedly damaging the career of her mother, Tippi Hedren.  “What happened with my grandmother was horrific because Hitchcock was a tyrant,” said Dakota Johnson, Griffith’s daughter, told Vanity Fair. “He was talented and prolific – and important in terms of art – but power can poison people.”  In a recent Vanity

Kate Winslet to Star in New Limited Series in HBO

Photo: Time Kate Winslet has been confirmed to star in one more limited series for HBO. The multi-award-winning actress has been confirmed to play a role in Trust and will be an executive producer. The show is based on Hernan Diaz’s best-selling novel. It follows a wealthy financier who reads a novel inspired by his life; however, he is unhappy with how he and his wife, the daughter of unconventional aristocrats, are characterized. Later, she discovers that he’s attempting to

Stars of The Umbrella Academy Discusses Cliffhanger of Season 3

Photo: Starsready The Umbrella Academy has always ended its seasons on cliffhangers. The first season concluded with the end of the world, and the second season ended by presenting the Sparrow Academy. Now the third season has taken the Hargreeves family to a whole new dilemma.  Besting their Sparrow versions, the siblings seem to have restored the world to its proper register. But one thing seems to be missing: Their powers are no longer existent. Number Five’s (Aidan Gallagher) power

Chris Pratt, a Huge Member of HCC, Claims to be a Non-Chris

Photo: Deseret One of Hollywood’s most elite clubs, the Hollywood Chris Club (HCC), has an itemized membership list that includes some of today’s biggest stars. Members like Chris Pratt are famous for the organization, both Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are co-chairman and Chris Pine enjoys a life-long seat on the security council. These pretty men have dominated the cinematic industry; however, it turns out that an impostor was stealthily taking up space in their ranks. Pratt said in an