J.A.N. Is the Hottest Up-and-Rising Star and the Most Promising Musician of the New Era

The lockdowns imposed to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic had meant the subsequent halt of many businesses, work, and school. A large majority of the world kept to themselves inside their homes to avoid catching and transmitting the disease, and with nothing better to do, many have unleashed their creative spirits. J.A.N. took the opportunity to focus on his passion for music during the downtime, and finally, the world is getting to know one of the greatest musicians in the new era.

Due to the downtime caused by the quarantine, 2020 has seen the emergence of numerous new artists hoping to make it big in the industry, and for a period of time, many of these artists failed to deliver the quality of music that would capture the world. But there are gems hidden among common rocks, and now that the rush of new artists is slowing down, the truly talented ones who have the musical vision and the skill to back it up are beginning to take their rightful places on the stage of greatness.

Jeremy Neiman is better known by his artist name, J.A.N., and has established a considerable reputation as one of the hottest up-and-rising stars of 2020. His unique mindset, impeccable sense of tune, clever wordplay, and ability to create catchy beats that stick in the listeners’ minds are growing to become the elements of his signature musical style and his brand as an artist.

Hailing from the city of Victorvilee in the High Desert of California, J.A.N.’s takes his inspiration in music from the genius works of rap stars Juice WRLD, KB, and Lecrae. In addition to his musical inspirations, his passion and drive to create music that touches the heart and soul comes from his desire to introduce himself to the world and make a mark in musical history.

J.A.N.’s integrity and strength of character comes from the hardships he has endured in life. With not much shared in terms of the details of his personal life, the only hint he has given is that he suffered (and later recovered from) mental health issues as a result. “I struggle with anxiety,” he says, “but I am learning to overcome it by drawing strength from my faith and praying to God to help me be fine through my troubles.”

As one of the most talented artists around, one would assume that it would affect his outlook, but that is definitely far from the truth. The Californian artist places great importance in keeping the integrity of his identity, humility, and gratefulness even in the face of fame and great success. Despite having established himself in the music entertainment industry, he has never failed to look up to other artists to draw inspiration, and this is precisely the quality that unlocks endless growth opportunities for him as an artist.

Today, much of J.A.N.’s work can be found on various social media, video sharing, and music streaming sites. You may find his music on Youtube and SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook for updates on his latest activities.

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