How ‘Talent On Edge’ Makes a Mark for Individuals, Brands, and Entrepreneurs

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What does it take for an entrepreneur to excel in the industry? Aside from talent and skills, a start-up entrepreneur needs an impactful kickstart for his business.

With the pool of competition growing bigger and bigger nowadays, it’s almost impossible to stand out and make a lasting impression. Businesses today are aggressively strengthening their presence online, and it has played a major role in their success.

Talent On Edge, led by young, 28-year-old entrepreneur Shantae Menendez, provides struggling entrepreneurs with a platform where they can showcase their brands or themselves. It aims to bring talented individuals to the forefront, allowing their skills to be known to their market, as well as opening opportunities to collaborate with other people who share the same passion and goal as them. Talent On Edge brings people of like-minds together, providing a connection where they can grow and learn from others while also promoting their own craft.

Shantae envisions her company to provide professional growth onto the person or the brand being promoted on Talent On Edge. An essential part of the platform is that it gives Shantae’s clients free exposure on their work and expertise. Shantae manages a group of models herself in the company, but Talent On Edge also serves as an avenue for people to find other talents that they need to complete a task or a project easily.

Brands and businesses looking for photographers, models, actors, videographers, and many more, find it easy and accessible to book them right off of Talent on Edge Instagram page– saving clients a lot of time and effort in trying to find the right people. In this essence, Shantae also makes certain that Talent On Edge is promoting capable and effective brands and individuals to ensure that clients get what they exactly need.

Talent on Edge is unlike any other platform that only brings a couple of reactions and clicks. What separates it from the rest is the fact that Shantae, first and foremost, gives her heart into each project. More than publicity, Talent On Edge works with the success of the client in mind. As Shantae would put it: strategize now, ask for the price later. Not only does it boost the status of a brand or company online after only one post. It also makes sure that the effect will not only be a one-time thing. 

Talent on Edge works towards an ultimate goal: to make people feel special knowing that someone, be it a follower or another entrepreneur, appreciates their work. Shantae believes that this admiration, even just the fact that their work or brand got posted on the platform, compels people to do better in harnessing their talents and work harder to the next level. This exposure brings more opportunities. One post could lead to an artist’s first song recording or a model’s big break. That single step will then lead these talented individuals to create an even bigger name and reach more people.

“I want everyone to shine,” Shantae stated. Truly this is the utmost motivation of Talent On Edge. Shantae wants everyone to be the best they can be, and we all need a hand to fulfill that.

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Shantae’s business model has proven that a successful and long-lasting career can start with a single post from Talent On Edge.

To know more about Talent On Edge, check out their Instagram accounts here and here.

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