Aria Jay is Set to Release Remix of Her Song “Cried All On My Own” on August 23

Rising music artist Aria Jay continues to rise like the shooting star she is made to be, with the expected release of a StoneBridge remix of her single “Cried All On My Own” this coming August 23, 2022. The song was originally part of her most recent EP When the Sun Comes Up.

In 2018, Aria worked closely with Cam Outlaw of Whirling Wolf Records on her debut EP, Growth. The project was released in 2018, together with her debut music video for the song “He Said.” Shortly after that, she was selected as artist in residence at Holyrad Studio located in Brooklyn. While at Holyrad Studio, she developed a visual album for the song “Growth,” which was produced and directed by Janet S. Kim. It was also released in 2018. 

The following year, Aria took the challenge to be a producer and sound engineer. She also started to create records for herself in her home studio. In the same year, Aria introduced her single “Secrets,” the first of many in her recordings. After that, Aria took a big leap of faith and established her own production studio, Saint Morretta. It was there that Aria completed her most recent EP When the Sun Comes Up. She collaborated with various artists to complete that EP, including Daisy the Great, John Lenox, and Halima. 

Aria is keeping herself busy with writing and production work for herself and other music artists. She was most recently invited to Ari Herstand (Ari’sTake) and Danny Ross’s (Anti Social Producers Club) SongCon, working with Grammy-winning songwriters, producers and engineers, including Chris Sclafani, Dan Edinberg, and Marc Plotkin.

The Brooklyn-based music artist started singing when she was only 11 years old. She worked with Judy Hages to further sharpen her singing voice to prepare for the time when she would be fully known to audiences worldwide. She worked closely with Judy after learning that she had a nodule on her vocal cords. Using the classical Bel Canto technique, Aria managed to heal with surgery.

While in middle and high school, she volunteered in any kind of musical available to further train her singing voice. She sang in the choir, was the singer in her high school’s jazz band, played the clarinet, and sang in an original funk band. She then went on to study jazz performance and composition at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Manhattan, working with jazz greats Reggie Workman, Charles Tolliver, and Rachel Z. Since graduating, she has worked and toured with numerous acts across the music scene recovering a span of genres.

The future is looking very bright for Aria as she continues to empower herself as a songwriter and producer on top of her professional career as a music artist. Her next release is scheduled for August 23rd, and is a StoneBridge remix of her song “Cried All On My Own” originally released on her most recent EP. Amidst her success in the business, she remains grounded as a person and passionate as an artist. At the end of the day, being able to help other talented individuals is something she can see herself doing in the long run. 


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