Will Buck on Self-Awareness and Growth Through Music

The music industry remains to be one of the most cutthroat and competitive businesses worldwide. Behind the glittery facade lies the fact that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to make a name for oneself and maintain it. Perseverance, talent, and hard work are all needed to dominate the industry, as experienced by alternative singer-songwriter,  multi-instrumentalist and producer Will Buck

Will’s journey to becoming an established musician was not easy. Hailing from Baltimore, he moved to Colorado to form a high-energy rock and roll band called the West Water Outlaws. To get their name out, Will spent his early twenties traveling with his bandmates around the United States for over a hundred days. He learned to cut his teeth as a performer in dive bars around the country, along with the difficult nights of sleeping on hotel room floors, working odd jobs, and playing three-hour bar sets for small fees and food. 

Starting from the ground up, Will’s band rose from playing on parties and basements to selling out venues and appearing at major festivals. Life has a weird way of playing out, however. Unfortunately, the promising band broke up overnight before they were ready to play the biggest show of their career, sign a management deal, and land multiple network television placements. 

In the aftermath of the disbandment, Will sold the majority of his belongings, packed up his truck, and traveled west for what would be a year-long solo journey of rediscovery that culminated in Eastern Australia. After returning to the United States, he moved to Los Angeles seeking a second opportunity to push through with his music career. With the lack of resources, Will ended up working in a 40,000-square-foot apparel warehouse packing T-shirts. At nights, he committed himself to writing and recording song demos. 

Will eventually rebranded as a solo artist in 2019 and began to rise through LA DIY music by writing, producing, and practicing relentlessly. Several years of multiple EPS, countless shows, a bunch of setbacks and triumphs later, Will is now steadily climbing the ladder to fame. He has been named “someone to watch” by the Hollywood Digest, “a diamond in the rough” by Voyage LA, and finished as a semifinalist in The Opening Act’s Hollywood Bowl competition.

The artist is about authenticity and being true to oneself. Will’s music speaks of personal redemption, the unbreakable will of the human spirit, overcoming addiction, grief, the road to healing, and ultimately cultivating inner peace. But no matter the message he wants to convey from his songs, what wins out in the end is Will’s honesty about his experiences and his willingness to share them openly.

He is currently promoting his recent song release “Shadows,” which is now available on different music streaming platforms, including YouTube and  Spotify. The song’s compelling message, coupled with Will’s smooth vocals, is bound to capture fans of the alternative rock scene. 

Without question, Will Buck established himself as one of the music artists people should anticipate. His passion for achieving big things and his desire to keep on improving will surely pave the path for him to achieve great success.Learn more about Will Buck through his Spotify and Instagram accounts.

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