Wendy Williams Talks About Her Show’s Finale

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Last month, The Wendy Williams Show ended its operations, which have run for 13 years. However, one super important element was absent – the host herself. 

The Queen of Daytime, as people label her, had bowed out from her talk show last year, with a series of episodes hosted by different guests on behalf of her. Sherri Shepherd hosted the final episode, which featured a heartwarming farewell and an array of activities dedicated to Williams. 

How did the TV personality feel about that, you may ask? 

“There was nothing I liked about the [final episode of] Wendy Williams Show,” she said in an interview with The New York Post. 

Williams further said the media parent company, Debmar-Mercury, managing the series, did not involve her in the final broadcast, resulting in her watching it at home. 

“[Debmar-Mercury] didn’t ask me to do that, so I didn’t. I sat in my apartment, and I watched it. And [I was] like, ‘ick!'”

She continued that her exclusion from the last episode was an oversight on the company’s side, as well as the involvement of other personalities – except Fat Joe. 

“Debmar-Mercury, in my opinion, should have done it with [me], not these other people on The Wendy Williams Show. Except for Fat Joe.” 

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The rapper co-guested with Remy Ma in 2021 and captured Williams’s professional adoration. “I love him,” she said. “He’s my favorite.” 

Fans have recently observed that the YouTube channel and Instagram handle of The Wendy Williams Show had been removed, a measure Williams herself is shocked and disappointed by. 

“The fact that they deleted the Wendy Williams YouTube Channel is insane, but they also went after her Instagram too.” 

However, Williams seems to be taking her pace as she is now working on her latest media ventures with the ensuing release of her podcast, The Wendy Experience. According to her, the most recent rove will, in fact, be more lucrative than TV. 

“If you’re extremely famous like I am, [hosting a podcast] will make more money than being on The Wendy Williams Show.” 

Williams stepped away from her spotlight in 2020 due to health issues pointing to Graves’ disease, which affects the thyroid.

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