Voiceveray: Ohio’s Breakout Artist Releases Buzzing Single “Betrayal”

Artists wield significant influence, and some are of the opinion that such influence should be used to impact lives rather than merely for fame or glamor. One of such artists is Voiceveray, who uses his talents and skill to lift and encourage others.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Voiceveray is an independent music artist, entrepreneur, and the CEO and founder of the independent record label Voices Choices Studios. He is known for his versatility and profound sense of spirituality, which he incorporates into his music style—comfortably creating unique sounds across genres from rock, pop, hip-hop, reggae, latin to R&B, country, and soul.

Music had always been a part of his life, and from an early age, he was already something of a revelation with the striking tone of his vocals. Over the years, Voiceveray has honed and developed himself into a veritable musical virtuoso with a conspicuous ability to connect with his audiences by creating unembellished and heartfelt lyrics. As stated by Voiceveray, his latest single, “Betrayal“.  This distinctive record speaks on extremely dark themes of duplicity and back-stabbing drawn from his real-life experiences since the turn of the year from close ones and others in the music industry.

Voiceveray does not shy away from declaring his faith as his core inspiration and has devoted his talent to producing tunes that resonate spiritually with listeners worldwide and inspire them not to lose their faith.

“This is something I do personally on occasion. I ask God for wisdom, discernment, and spiritual, mental, physical vigilance—to remove the veil from my eyes and open my ear gates to the truth,” he said. Orienting himself as an atypical rapper, the remarkable artist excels in clean, positive music and alternative gospel.

At twenty-five, the young entrepreneur serves as the CEO of his company, Voices Choices Studios. Talking about his motivation, he said, “Our foundation is built upon working with musicians, vocalists, instrumentalists, and more to glorify the kingdom of the Most High God.”

Voiceveray underscores that his studio was not created for money or fame but a desire to guide other aspiring artists to recognize their true calling and help lost individuals rediscover their path in God. As a result, the label works exclusively with artists whose music is free from explicit content or suggestive themes.

At Voices Choices Studios, Voiceveray functions as a one-person act, engineering, recording, mixing, and mastering each track according to the highest industry standards. In addition, he also handles graphic design and film direction. However, despite all the hats he juggles, Voiceveray maintains an uncompromising standard in the quality of his productions, with keen attention to detail, noting that the value in his work speaks for itself.

Presently, Voices Choices Studios has diversified into the production of its own designer clothing line and merchandise. Working with several brand ambassadors sporting its lineup of duffle bags, shirts, joggers, face masks, and many more.

Voiceveray is unrelenting in pursuing his goals and hopes to build his record label into a global entity—sharing his gift and inspiring others to change their lives for the better. “There are certain things in one’s life that are clearly seen and need to be removed,” he shared. “The sooner you make the sacrifice, the sooner you live a better life.”

Year after year, Voiceveray continues to assert his dominance on the music scene. His music is available across all major music streaming platforms and has been featured on several media outlets.

Learn more about Voiceveray and Voices Choices Studios by visiting Instagram or the official website.

Glenda Drewery
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