The Social Media Agency, Clonefluence, Aims to Create Successful Music Artists

The agency is helping music artists create their own distinct identities via their marketing strategies.

Music is a powerful medium that unites people from diverse backgrounds and has a strong presence globally. The music industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries the world has ever seen, with hordes of talented artists trying to make their mark in a bid to attain the top position. However, owing to the lack of appropriate resources that can help market themselves to a wide audience base, a majority of them fail to make it to the limelight. In situations like these, they need a proper backing or a strong entity that can push and showcase the skills that can help them grow as an artist. This is where Justin Grome’s Social Media Agency, Clonefluence comes into the picture as they are well-equipped to handle the artist’s affairs, right from managing their work to publicity to marketing and everything in between that can help them gain a strong foothold in this fiercely competitive industry.

Clonefluence was established in New Jersey in 2017 and has since helped many artists establish their careers, which were on the verge of getting wiped out owing to lack of proper exposure. Speaking about his agency. Justin says, “social media is an extremely powerful tool which if used rightly can work wonders. It has the potential to reach a global audience which can help catapult an artist’s career to dizzying heights owing to wide exposure. The basic objective of Clonefluence is to help these aspiring artists establish themselves and showcase their work widely so that their career gets the right push.” Today, the agency is known to put one’s career right on track by implementing its marketing strategies which help the music artists establish a base.

Justin expresses that his agency implements perfect strategies when it comes to social media growth, Spotify growth, public relations, and any other marketing campaigns that help in getting the music artist’s career on a fast track. The impact that Clonefluence has created is evident by the fact that it is regarded as the most efficient and effective social media agency of present times, which has helped many artists establish their presence amongst a sea of talents who occupy the music space. The agency is rated as the #1 social media agency in the music industry speaks volumes about its success. Justin states, “… As a brand, we always want to continue to grow and help countless artists achieve their dreams.”

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