Tatiana Ellis Chasing Fame and Success as an Indie Artist from Connecticut

After grappling with thoughts that she has been wasting her talents for years, Tatiana Ellis took the bull by the horns and delved fully into music. While her intention was not to pick up music late as she did, she feels better about doing it at a time she’s more mature and connected to God. Music has been her dream all her life, and the journey to bringing that dream to life is one she wants to get right. Indie artists usually have it rough in the industry because of little to no support from any major label or investor. That’s why Tatiana Ellis is working hard to get her name out there to attract interest to her music and then take things up from there.

Coming from Connecticut that has not produced many musical stars, Tatiana Ellis is hoping to shake things up and prove to the world that Connecticut can be a powerful force in music too. Tatiana plans to make her status known as singer and songwriter who developed herself from scratch and is taking aim at the stars in the sky. Despite being a mother at 19 years old, Tatiana has never dreamed small. She takes her life circumstances in stride with a single goal of becoming the best to ever do it.

She recently released a song titled “Hurt,” which is her only song since she made her career official. The single is doing great numbers for an indie artist with no major backing from any label or music company. “Hurt” is available for download and streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Google Play. Tatiana says she has more songs ready and in the works but only wants to get her current song out to more people. Beyond her talent and artistic qualities, Tatiana has a goofy and playful personality, which has earned her the nickname “Barbie” and will likely endear her to more people and fans.

Tatiana Ellis has Jamaican roots, which means she’ll be appealing to Jamaican audiences too. Tatiana’s strong belief in herself and her talent is her biggest driving force. She intends to perform from coast to coast with hopes that music executives will notice her and work with her. “I hope to catch the eye of people in the music industry who not only want to work with me but believe in my success just as much as I do. I also need as many people as possible to hear me out and feel my music. My goal is to perform in different places and get people to sing along to my music. That alone proves exposure and sends the right message to music powerhouses that I am worth checking out,” Tatiana says.

Tatiana is counting on the relatable nature of her music and the meaningful lyrics. She also hopes to be of interest to producers and record labels looking to work with a fresh face in the industry. In her words, “I bring a new heat, and I’m open to working with anyone who wants some of that.” Her biggest strength is her authenticity and versatility when it comes to musical sounds and styles. She went for years in her life without doing anything related to music even though she was interested. Now that she has taken the initiative, nothing can stop her. She’s building the Tatiana Ellis brand to stay, conquer, and dominate. “I have tons of ideas, and with God’s grace in my life, I want to send out a message to the world. I want to be the change and power that everyone needs to see to improve their lives,” she says.

Tatiana’s hunger for success is so profound that she wants to shake things up to improve things for everyone. In a few years, she wants to be successful and show the music world that indie artists are worth giving a shot regardless of what the music environment suggests.

Listen to Tatiana Ellis’s music on SoundCloud.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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