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South Korean Band BTS to Hold In-Person Concerts in the US in April

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BTS, a boy band from South Korea, will smash a comeback to the United States for a set of concerts in Las Vegas in April, according to their agency, Big Hit, on Wednesday. 

The concerts are among the scheduled “Permission to Dance on Stage” tours that they put on hold due to the pandemic. In a statement issued by Big Hit Entertainment, the concerts will occur on April 8–9 and 15–16, with the final show broadcasted live for streaming. 

BTS has been a vanguard for the K-Pop industry since its debut in 2013, influencing young people worldwide with their upbeat music and dances and inspiring Gen Z with their lyrics and social campaigns to empower the younger generation.

The K-Pop sensation held its first in-person concerts since the onset of the pandemic in November in Los Angeles. Last week, they revealed that they would perform the first shows for their home fans since the pandemic started, with three concerts in Seoul, the country’s capital, next month. 

Big Hit announced Tuesday that the band’s singer and songwriter (also considered by the fandom as the visual) Kim Tae-Hyung, widely known as V, had recovered from the coronavirus infection. 

He was the fifth member out of seven who got infected with the virus, including three who tested positive in December soon after they arrived home from the US shows.

During the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the band delayed and then canceled what was supposed to be their most massive international tour encompassing, more or less, 40 concerts. Alternatively, they organized a few online shows. 

The band is composed of seven members, with Kim Namjoon (leader and rapper), Kim Seokjin (vocalist and visual), Min Yoongi (lead rapper), Jung Hoseok (lead rapper and main dancer), Park Jimin (lead vocalist and main dancer), Kim Tae-Hyung (vocalist and visual), and Jeon Jungkook (main vocalist, lead dancer, sub-rapper, and maknae).

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