Sound Pop Artist GeoMike122 Soon to Release Debut Album

GeoMike122 may be a newcomer in the music industry, but they are already making huge waves and building a following of loyal fans. He is set to release his first album, called Michael Ciolino, on October 22 this year.

This rising artist celebrates how unique their approach to music is, even coining the term “sound pop” to describe it accurately. “Because I use sound elements and beats as the core of expressing the music, I thought sound pop would be the perfect term to call it,” GeoMike122 shared. “I have attention deficit disorder, and as a result, I hear all kinds of noises that other people don’t. And I add those uncommon noises and beats to my songs.” They also added how with a heightened sense of hearing, he hears music in everyday sounds, like a train whistle or a door closing.

GeoMike122 embraces experimentation and the wide range of inspiration drawn from different places and memories for this first album. “When making music, I first make the beat, then sing or write over the music,” the artist said. As a result, the album Michael Ciolino contains a mix of instrumental tracks and songs with lyrics. This move is unusual for an artist to take, but GeoMike122 feels that it makes his album more meaningful. He shared, “You can get the feeling and mood from a song from just the beats, so an instrumental track can be much more universal than using lyrics. Some might not comprehend the words because of a language barrier, but music can be felt without the need for language.”

True to the so-called sound pop style, GeoMike122 opens the album with a track called “Tiempo,” an instrumental track filled with the sound of waves crashing and thunder rumbling. “I wanted to set a specific mood,” the artist explained. The following track is one inspired by Madonna. The next song, “Above” incorporates violins and electronic beats. “This eclectic mix, paired with my vocal style, evokes a certain vibe,” they said.

GeoMike122 makes music that brings together the things he finds meaningful. For example, one of the singles incorporates lyrics surrounding mental health and how it has impacted his life. Another song, “Whimsical,” adds flute music to a downtempo hip-hop beat because he loves listening to flute music throughout the day. 

Another key inspiration for this artist’s music is South Florida. GeoMike122 shared, “ I feel so connected to Florida. My grandparents live there, and my father and stepmother also live there for a portion of the year. So to me, this is a place of connection, not just with my family, but also with nature.” The singer recalls feeling energized and creative whenever they stay in Florida, writing and producing the bulk of his work during his time there. 

Although this artist is a newbie in the music industry, GeoMike122’s following has grown steadily. His music has been streamed over 200,000 times, and they have over 100,000 followers on Instagram. “I think my sincerity and the genuine relationship I try to build with my fans are why I have seen such growth,” he shared. Additionally, the artist took to the social media platform to share snippets of their trip to different places. “I went to California, New Jersey, and Rome. And sharing my travels and experiences with my fans have been my favorite parts of this journey,” they shared. 

Michael Ciolino also contains tracks inspired by GeoMike122’s travels. “Direction for the songs ‘Abyss’ and ‘Ciao Ciao’ came to me when I was in Rome,” he shared, “And Joshua Tree National Park was the perfect backdrop for the song ‘Above.’ Traveling broadened my horizons. I translated that into the music I make.”

GeoMike122 is ready to take his music career to the next level. His first album, Michael Ciolino, which drops on October 22, can be pre-saved here. You may follow the artist on Instagram for other updates.

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