Rising Artist OWKZ on Releasing Thirty Music Videos a Year Into His Debut

Everyone aspires for greatness and envisions the best kind of life when they grow up. For many, the dream is to thrive in a career where they are in complete control of what they do. Kendahl Blakely is no different from the thousands of individuals who want to become their own boss, and he is currently living the dream through his music career under the stage name OWKZ.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, but raised in Las Vegas, OWKZ is one of the latest names to join the colorful roster of the music industry, and he has been making a significant impact on the west coast music scene. Since breaking out as one of the latest names in the hip-hop genre, OWKZ has consistently released quality tracks. Despite having been in the game for over a year, the rising artist has already released over thirty music videos on YouTube, with his latest song, “M.I.A.,” getting dropped over a day ago. 

OWKZ takes great pride in his work. “That’s what you call dedication,” he said proudly. While most people would quickly dismiss him as one of those cocky rising stars, OWKZ’s work rate cannot be overlooked. His debut album, The Birth of Zo, packs seventeen tracks and features big names like Skilla Baby and Skinny T FOD and is currently available on every major music streaming platform. 

When asked about his drive, the artist replied with this, “I always wanted to be my own boss and call my own shots. I always wanted to own my business and build assets to create generational wealth.” OWKZ has also cited his mother as his inspiration. Growing up as a child, he would watch as his mother struggled to make ends meet. The image of his mother breaking her back to provide for the family was reason enough to propel the rising artist to pursue a career in music. “I wanted to find a positive and creative way to escape poverty.”

As an artist, OWKZ dedicates most of his works to hard-working people. With so many people striving to change their situations despite their messed-up predicaments, the artist understands them perfectly and emulates their spirit. Even more impressive is the joy he gets when he is working hard. 

Since making his resolve, OWKZ developed a mindset to always plan his next step, giving him the work ethic that lets him stand out from other rising artists. “There aren’t too many artists working like me,” he said. “I stay consistent, and I release good music.” OWKZ takes pride in his craft and work ethics. While most artists create one good track and bask in their fleeting success, OWKZ is already in the studio, working on his following material. The artist tries to set himself as an example for other children in the situation he has been in.

OWKZ may just be the new kid on the block, but he has already exhibited professionalism. With the road wide open in front of him, he strives to find success in one of the most competitive industries today. Eventually, the artist plans on using his success and owning several businesses and assets. OWKZ has his eyes on real estate with the idea of raising a family not too far away. 

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