Rising Artist Mischiff Shares How He Jumped From a DJ to Pursuing a Career as a Singer

Everyone goes through emotional battles, and they often overcome those battles by different means. Some people prefer to use a more physical outlet and hit the gym to relieve stress, but others choose a more creative outlet through various forms of art. Mischiff is among those people who preferred to escape through music. It became a passion that eventually led him to become one of New York’s rising artists.

Mischiff was always a creative individual. When he was younger, he would always find activities to keep himself busy instead of watching television or playing video games. His constant desire to keep himself busy would pay off when in 2012, Mischiff started his music career. At just fifteen years old, he  was inspired to become a DJ when he stumbled into the late DJ AM works.

The young DJ would spend countless months working on his craft until, eventually, he was ready to showcase his talent. He would emerge as DJ Mischiff, taking inspiration from the nickname “Malito,” which is Spanish for ‘mischievous child.’ 

Mischiff got his first opportunity to DJ at a school dance at his middle school in Freeport, New York. The event proved to be a stepping stone as his musical career flourished shortly after that. Mischiff began to grow interested in music production, and eventually, he got into it. The skillset would prove helpful later down the line as he went on to DJ at several clubs and events. 

While Mischiff practiced his craft, he also pursued a career as a Public Affairs specialist for the New York Army National Guard. During his service, Mischiff’s creativity only grew as he learned photography, videography, and journalism. Serving in the army also taught Mischiff time management, a skill needed when masterminding a musical career. Upon completing his service, the young DJ would return to the music scene with an arsenal of tools and experience to showcase the debut of his original music.

What makes Mischiff a unique artist is an authenticity in his image and music. While others are managed and told about the kind of gimmick their look and sound have to be like, Mischiff has complete creative control, bringing originality to his overall brand. He is an independent artist intent on making it on his own in the music industry.

Despite starting his career early as a DJ, Mischiff can delve into different music genres. He isn’t the type to be pegged down in one genre and instead prefers to go with the flow and always experimenting with music. Mischiff tends to pay attention to the details as an artist, keeping everything running on time, organized, and perfect. 

People can find Mischiff’s works on Spotify and Apple Music. He recently set up a YouTube channel where he has uploaded four music videos. Although he is relatively new to music outside of being a DJ, Mischiff foresees success as an artist in multiple genres in the years to come.

To learn more about Mischiff, you may visit his website. He also posts updates on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Glenda Drewery
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