“Reoccur “Cutthroat Mode Releases “Believe” “Guidance,” Always Us and “Fallen”

After a decade of putting out music, it has been a major accomplishment to continue to strive for greatness. After the music industry took a big hit pandemic-style, this left the hip-hop lane completely open for artists to release as much music the consumers can gain from. Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon is where you can find the latest releases from Cutthroat Mode. Releasing 100 songs in 100 days has been their biggest position as a group. Typically, every month on the twenty-third, Cutthroat Mode releases either a single, an album, or an EP.

Let’s take it to the latest release, which is Cutthroat Mode and Nams’s “Believe.” The song itself is smooth, chill, and has a much laid-back vibe. The lyrics start off with “Yeah, top of the morning/Let’s get it going/I’m fully focused/I’m in motion/I know I’m chosen.”

Nams, who continues to represent despite the passing of Juice Bio, has also been putting out music like “No More” and “Focused.” Nams’s lyrics, flow, and the real words are quoted on every record  and continues to keep the listeners motivated.

“Guidance” was also one of the latest releases from Cutthroat Mode. The record starts off with a slow melody that brings us to a level of solidarity. The lyricist for this track starts off “This sh*t keep hating me/The voices in my head keep targeting me.” This song reflects everyone’s daily experiences and is just a real-life record.

The album Always Us was a thriller with tracks like “Activated” featuring RBO Stunna and Nams’s “Lemon” and “Risk It All” feauring. Phat Boyy and Young Go.

The song “Fallen” has listeners in a different mood from “Always Us.”  Musik took his grind to a whole other level with this one. This tempo, soul, and melody reguaranteed us back to the essence of dope music. The Lyrics start with “I’m all out got no more I’m falling softly need something to believe.”

As we continue to receive music content from the group, we will continue to tap in every month on the twenty-third for a new release.

Take a listen to “Fallen” on Apple Music. Follow Cutthroat Mode on Twitter for more updates on their music. Download and purchase the album “Believe Me” on Songwhip. Watch “Guidance” the video on YouTube.

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