‘Product of Us’ at Roger Sanchez in Ibiza Conquers the Audience with Their Exhilarating Tracks and Composition, and They Are Here to Stay

‘Product of US’ is a musical duo from Ibiza, Spain. They are Darren Rodgers, aka Damon Hess, originally from Sheffield, UK, but decades resident and now a citizen of Spain, and Dale Nolan aka Dayl from Shannon, Clare in Ireland. Both artists are meticulous in their approach, and they are now known for their tremendous musical talents while keeping the fun up!

Damon, a beloved island DJ with a consolidated career that spans over 10 years internationally, and Dayl, who’s been spinning for more than 8 decades but just popping into the public eye in 2020, have taken the audience high in their feelings. Obviously, they are passionate about music and tunes, but one thing that sets them apart is that they are genuinely best mates, and they take any room for a journey together. They have recently graced the Roger Sanchez event at Eden Ibiza as the closing act for the second installment of the Ibiza club revival. The crowd’s response was nothing short of amazing. Their flow as a duo is something to watch for. No doubt, ‘Product of Us’ is shaping out to be quite the big deal in Ibiza and keeps on reaching the international market ever since prestigious labels such as Anjunabeats featured them in one of the famous label Rising Volumes, with a live set filmed in the said island.

Ibiza has been the world’s meeting point for raising DJs in search of a space to prove their skills to labels, club owners and feed off the energy of sun-seekers from all over the world, but what about duos? ‘Product Of Us’ can’t be categorized; they fall into that type of a beautiful grey area where you have an Ibiza legend Damon Hess spinning the whole dancefloor to the stars and Dayl holding them up there in a nostalgic-like trance, progressing it all together into a crafted experience for the senses.

Partygoers stopped it all when ‘Product of Us’ showed up for their slot in the star-studded lineup, danced with their everything, and stayed demanding more music after they were finished. The duo was able to summon euphoria, and it fell, utterly flooding the whole venue. They have been able to keep the momentum alive ever since they started this venture in mid-2020, especially when being on hold for months because of the world’s current situation. They adapt, know their audience, and cater to them, which might be another way to say; successful. They are quite known now, and even more after tonight, hundreds of attendees with their cellphones out recording the experience. They captivated the entire audience with their peppy tracks and inimitable body language. ‘Product of US’ mainly caters to the listeners of progressive, melodic, and emotional tunes, but their music, in reality, can be universal, the kind of music you could put anyone there, and it would be just wonderful.

‘Product of Us’ has already collaborated with big music labels like Luigi Rocca’s 303 Lovers, Tough Love Get Twisted Records on Sony, and newly released Anjunabeats. The duo has also reached the top position in Beatport in the progressive house category.

‘Product of US’ has already started transforming over their short period as a duo together, joining hands with several other famous artists like Kieran NG, Lewis Dennis, and Jamie Wiltshire.

Immediately after their 2nd event tomorrow, “WNDLRND at Eden again, Damon and Dayl will brace up for the grand release of ‘Reality,’ the first single of ‘Product of US.’

It is pretty much safe to say that in the Island of Ibiza, “Product of Us” has made the most out of this year’s short and overly restricted summer, the boys can deliver, and we will keep hearing about them for years to come.

‘Product of Us’ continues to march ahead as a solid up-and-coming musical genius DUO. They are redefining the progressive and melodic genres in their renewed avatars. Looking into the near future, there’s no doubt; both of these guys are unstoppable. Damon (DJ) and Dayl (Producer) will be producing, fabricating, and labeling a lot of memories with their music in 2022; they will be the product of choice for everyone… the ‘Product of Us’.




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