Paapa-Berchie and Building a Music Career from Scratch on His Terms

From the church to the mainstream music scene, Paapa-Berchie is a 23-year-old music prodigy aiming for success in the hip-hop genre. Paapa-Berchie started his music journey from school choirs, acapella groups, and national music competitions. He struck some luck when he received classical voice training during high school, which propelled him into a scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill.

College changed everything for Paapa-Berchie, and within the past year, he has built a career destined for greatness. The Crofton, MD-born singer and songwriter, thrives on his authentic and intriguing sound, setting him apart as a young musician. He draws influence and inspiration from iconic artists like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Meek Mill, H.E.R., J. Cole Rihanna, Ty Dolla Sign, Lucky Day, Kehlani, Masego, and many others.

He released his first single, “Dreams,” in 2019. Since then, Paapa-Berchie’s work ethic has stood him out. Following his first single, he has released other songs like “The Throne” and “So Bad” featuring Naim. He also released an EP titled, Be  Blessed and a sophomore mixtape titled O.P.E.R.A, which houses hit singles like “TiDal Wave,” “Lavi$h,” and “Hometown.”

Since he chose to concentrate on his music career, it has become the only thing that matters. He shared, “I know that out of all my competitors, there is not a soul that would be able to do the same thing I am doing. The style I bring is unique, provocative, and intriguing. Instead of giving consumers something that is almost considered the ‘atypical rapper/singer,’ I bring a whole new vibe and joy to the game.” 

Paapa-Berchie is a gifted instrumentalist with skills in playing the piano and the saxophone. He’s also on the path of versatility with his ability to sing, rap, and create music in multiple genres. He’s also learning Twi and Spanish languages to enable him to create music in those languages and capture more fans from other parts of the world.

Paapa-Berchie is building his music career on his terms. His music appeals to hip-hop enthusiasts, R&B enthusiasts, classical music enthusiasts, and anyone who loves to listen to a different style of new music and get introduced to a new vibe. He values his creativity and makes sure he puts his all when creating music. “We are entering a new decade where listeners are looking for the songs that are out to evolve. Everyone is tired of the same pattern and style of music of the past, and the time is now to be introduced to a new sound that can help shape the future of music,” he said.

Over the next few years, he sees himself creating chart-topping music, getting nominated for awards, and being named among the trending artists on national and global charts. Making music is a passion, and Paapa-Berchie is committed to making it work out for him.Learn more about Paapa-Berchie on his official website. Also, follow his social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

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