Othello Gooden Jr on Sharing Stories that Matter and Pushing Minorities Toward the Limelight

Although more significant strides are yet to be observed, most especially by industries whose reach and impact are considerable, the world has come a long way in giving a voice to the unheard. The entertainment scene, for example, has been lauded for addressing the issue of the lack of representation in movies, TV series, and more. Authors have listened and responded to the clamor for POCs and minorities to also play the lead role in their books, not as a token move but in acknowledgment of the importance of inclusivity. Well-versed in different media, Othello Gooden Jr has earned recognition for his commitment to shedding light on the lived experiences and realities of individuals from all walks of life. Through his works, he tells tales of people with stories to tell. 

More often than not, figures who receive opportunities of landing cover pages, reaching the forefront of their field, and having their names plastered on publications are those considered by mainstream media to be worthy of such attention. Additionally, non-white celebrities who do not fit the mold of an ideal star have to barrel through so many barriers in order to stand in the limelight and secure a spot in the highly competitive scene while their colleagues breeze through the process of rising through the ranks. Intimately aware of this reality, Othello Gooden Jr has made it his mission to feature in his stories minorities and individuals coming from various cultures. 

Born on January 13, 1985, Othello Gooden Jr originally hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. At an early age, he learned the basics of reading, speaking, and writing while attending ministry school. Growing up, he showed the potential of making a mark through these crafts by demonstrating not only an impressive competence and talent in them but also a proclivity for wielding the power of these endeavors to affect others in positive ways. Over the years, he showcased his abilities in multiple online communities, earning both the respect and the following of countless people.

Apart from serving as a musician whose mixtapes and other various productions have found their way to listeners’ playlists, Othello Gooden Jr is also a multi-faceted artist known for his series titled “Powerland: Huriya.” This sci-fi fantasy manga follows the adventures of an elite guardian force called FireFang and their journey throughout a world called PowerLand. He is also the mind behind the Travelers’ Frontier Multiverse and three published books that can be found on Amazon under the series title “Memoire de Rayloria.”

Included, as well, in the lost list creative engagements attached to Othello Gooden Jr’s acclaimed name are animating and composing. His most notable works, such as the Travelers’ Frontier Vlogs, Stop Motion Car Show, and the Super Mecha Madness Show, have all propelled this passion-fueled personality to greater heights. 

Othello Gooden Jr, who goes by the name alias JG the Traveler and JGTraveler in the indie music scene, capitalizes on every platform he is active in to push the stories of other people toward public consciousness. At the heart of his initiatives is the belief that these tales told by minorities are newsworthy despite being deemed the opposite by mainstream media. In the coming years, as he continues to make waves as a multi-talented go-getter, he plans to keep sharing stories of people who will always matter regardless of what the world says.

Learn more about Othello Gooden Jr by visiting his website.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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