Opera Singer Radmila Lolly is Getting Ready to Launch Her DIVA Project

This year will be an explosive season for opera singer, designer, producer, and composer Radmila Lolly as she is set to launch her 6D DIVA project, a self-composed 32-movement album, novel, couture line, and film in which she will star. DIVA is a celebration of her artistry and passions in life, and it will kick off with a grand dance show. Radmila will perform songs from the album, and it will be accompanied by a live orchestra and contemporary musicians. The dancers who will be performing the story contained in the novel will be wearing Eltara Casata, the latest collection from Radmila’s fashion line. 

“The arts meant everything to me as a child without me even realizing it. The first art form I pursued was opera; simultaneously, while growing up, I liked to dress up, even though I had limited options. Fashion isn’t about budget, it’s about developing your personal style. The fashion genes run in my family. My grandmother was a designer and dressmaker, my mother is an artist, dressmaker, and a designer,” the multi-faceted opera singer shared. 

Despite being known for her multiple talents, Radmila admits that her biggest passion is storytelling through numerous artistic mediums such as singing, writing, directing, and designing stunning gowns. Being an action-oriented person allowed her to excel in her passions. Known as someone who makes things happen, other artists love collaborating with her and helping her bring her vision to life. As can be expected, she, too, went through several challenges before she got to where she is today. “We all have challenges, and I treat them as an opportunity to make myself stronger instead of falling back. Challenges change, and by confronting them something that was once difficult for us can become a daily task,” she shared. 

As a flourishing artist, Radmila draws inspiration from the people who believe in her. She dedicates everything she does to them, the same people who encourage and cheer her on when times get tough. She is motivated by the fact that as she works hard today, a lot of people will benefit from it tomorrow. 

Throughout the course of her illustrious career as an opera singer, Radmila has released several albums and singles that have marked her place in the music industry. Her albums and singles include Magic City, Wonderland, Snake Body, 4 Short Stories from the Standard Hotel, Hope, and When I’m With You, “Rule 1” and “Black Star.” She has performed in several key locations to promote her albums and couture collections. Interestingly, Radmila also sang the national anthem during the basketball game between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. 

She had also inspired audiences with her story, specifically when she spoke at the TEDx event at Dupree Park, where she spoke about “Living Outside the Box: How Mothers and Music Can Empower Our Dreams.”

Radmila is presently finishing a script for a television series, the details of which she cannot fully disclose at this point. But this project is definitely something she is very excited about and cannot wait to share with everyone. To say that Radmila is thriving in her passions is an understatement. More than just thriving, she is setting the bar for the next generation of artists who also dream of being acknowledged for their artistry. At the end of the day, Radmila believes that becoming successful is all about taking the courage to do something, even if others think it cannot be done. 

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