$o Icey G Making Waves as a Musician and Musical Talent Manager

Music has created a pathway for escape for many young people. $o Icey G, born Golden Love Brown, is a product of such circumstances. With the dividends he has reaped from music, he’s committed to helping others rise from the ground up to achieve their musical dreams through his company, Golden Labyrinth Entertainment.

The $o Icey G brand was born from a life-changing experience of seeing his music producer brother die from gun violence. With no prior experience in music or music creation, Golden Love Brown stepped into his brother’s big shoes. Since 2007, $o Icey G has learned the ropes and honed his skills in the music business. He has applied all the experience he has garnered to his own career and that of others.

Golden Labyrinth Entertainment offers professional vocal production, video production, and talent management. Based in El Paso, Texas, the music management company works with growing artists in Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. “Golden Labyrinth Entertainment strives to maintain a straightforward positive relationship with all our clients,” $o Icey G said. “As I work on building my music career and building this company that helps other artists thrive, I am inspired daily by my wife, two sons, and my unborn daughter on the way. I look forward to working as a team with various artists to see them rise to the top and excel in today’s competitive music industry,” he added.

$o Icey G aims to connect and work with musicians, audio engineers, songwriters, videographers, producers, and a wide variety of clients in the entertainment industry. $o Icey G runs Golden Labyrinth with utmost attention to detail. “We believe it’s always quality over quantity when it comes to our clientele’s needs. Music production and preparation require a lot of patience as well as daily dedication. We are joyful to be able to offer that one-on-one professional work ethic for each client that is required to grow in this over a billion dollar a year industry,” he said.

$o Icey G sees the company growing into a seven-figure revenue-generating company. He also hopes to become a nationally recognized artist in the next five years. Self-improvement is top on his to-do list as he works hard daily to be an improved version of himself as a musician and businessman. Once he conquers the music industry to a point, $o Icey G plans to expand into other industries. “I know it all takes time, patience, and self-investment. I am willing to sacrifice my time and invest in myself now so that later it will be beneficial to my family,” he affirmed.

Building Golden Labyrinth Entertainment is $o Icey G’s way of impacting the world and changing lives. He hopes people learn the story behind the brand and be inspired to follow their passions and dreams. “I want everyone to understand that the creating process with us is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all scheme. Most importantly, deliver honesty and integrity throughout the whole music creation process as we work on their project. Furthermore, giving them the freedom to keep working together till they are 100% satisfied with the final product,” $o Icey G said.

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