Newcomer Tommy Kelly Sheds Light on His Growing Career as One of Music’s Hottest Prospects

In the old days, musicians and bands would make their mark on history by capitalizing on their chosen genre, revolutionizing the industry forever. However, the modern music scene has evolved, and while artists can continue to thrive in their niche, showing flexibility can allow them to learn more about their identity and grow their brand. For rising musician Tommy Kelly, his musical gift has been a defining factor in his journey towards stardom, paving the way for his rise to the top.

A native of Terre Haute, Indiana, Tommy Kelly is a musician who has been building towards greatness since his teen years. Like many, he started to hone his gifts as a teenager. By seventeen, Tommy’s music started to sway his audiences. He would often take the stage as a frontman, covering bands and established names. People who watched his performance would tell him that he reminded them of rock icon Jim Morrison, an early inspiration for the budding Tommy.

As he ventured into the American West, the young artist was learning the ropes of the music industry on the road. So he started to shift his focus away from doing covers to songwriting and developing his style, getting ready to try his luck as a solo artist. Tommy would also experiment with his style, going from pop-rock to blues to country to folk. But rather than settle with one, Tommy decided to incorporate each genre thanks to the power and versatility of his voice. From the soft tones of his emotive ballads to the room rocking refrains of his uptempo songs, Tommy has been engraving each song with an unmistakable passion and soul.

After recording his debut EP Blood Moon in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Welcome to 1979 Studios, Tommy Kelly finally got the chance to make a big impression in his first national tour in the summer of 2020. The tour would have taken him across 20 states and over 40 dates. Tommy was set to open for some of the biggest names like Nelly, LoCash, Three Dog Night, and Little River Band. However, while he was ready to make his grand debut, the tour was unfortunately canceled due to the untimely arrival of the global pandemic. 

While it was a blow to his career, Tommy remained optimistic and continued to build his discography. With his powerful voice and lyrics, the artist is backed by some of the most talented musicians like Jeremy Bates, who plays the lead guitar, Tim Weer on the bass, Tommy Whiteman on the drums, and Matt Blocher on keys. Tommy is optimistic about his future in music, confident about his powerful singing voice and powerful lyrics, which he writes across a wide variety of genres.

“I am extremely passionate about music and want to be able to tour the country playing music,” shared the rising artist, “Hopefully (I’ll be) spreading some love and light with my music.”

Tommy Kelly foresees a bright future ahead of him with the stage lights blinding his eyes before he walks across to the mic and performs for larger audiences across the United States.Learn more about Tommy Kelly by visiting his official website. In addition, you can stay updated on his latest tracks and gigs by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

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