Netflix Announces Production of BioShock Live-Action Movie

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Netflix has announced that they will create a live-action movie based on the retro-futuristic video game series BioShock.

In an unexpected move, the streaming giant announced they would collaborate with 2K and Take-Two on a live-action adaptation of Ken Levine’s well-known immersive game set in an underwater city supposed to be home for Earth’s most remarkable minds before falling into havoc.

The film’s production has been in motion for a year now, but the lineup of actors and filmmakers who will be involved remains unclear.

BioShock is a game in an underwater city named Rapture; it was released in 2007 as a successor of SystemShock. The players are drawn to the depths, only for them uncovering details about this supposed haven’s past; it turns out not all inhabitants were downfallen as they thought, with armored giants called Big Daddies haunting the place. 

BioShock is one of the most famous games in a decade. So it created two follow-ups: BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite. But the latest version currently in development is under a new studio, Cloud Chamber, without Levine in the team. 

“Netflix is among the best and most forward-thinking storytellers in all of entertainment today. We are thrilled that they share our vision and commitment to the BioShock franchise, which is beloved by millions of fans around the world,” says Strauss Zelnick, CEO at Take-Two, in a statement.

“2 K’s Cloud Chamber studio is deep in active development on the next iteration of the series, and coupled with our partnership with Netflix, we remain highly confident that BioShock will continue to captivate and engage audiences like never before,” Zelnick continued.

For some time now, BioShock has been aimed for a Hollywood adaptation. Briefly following the pilot of the first game, Gore Verbinski, Pirates of the Caribbean director, wanted to do a live-action movie. However, producers put the project on hold due to the director’s planned budget and R-Rating, and eventually, the project was laid aside entirely.

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