Music Producer Andres Markmann Reveals How to Form a Band in a Pandemic

The distance consolidation of collaborative projects along with new ways of creating content is one of the many outcomes of the “new normal” the pandemic has set for us, even when referring to music. This is how, towards the end of 2019, DPM Band was born and grew throughout the COVID-19 quarantine.

DPM Band is an electronic duo that consists of Andres Markman, composer and music producer, and singer and also composer Diego Poupin. They studied together at a music academy when they were 12 years old in their home country of Chile but later grew apart. Three decades later, Andres from New York and Diego from London met again and merged into this project that overcame distance and united talent by being carried out entirely in a remote setting.

Andres is a well-known music producer with more than 15 years of experience in the music industry. He has participated in popular commercial jingles, film soundtracks, and has produced important musicalization of events and television programs. For this and many other reasons, he belongs to the artist catalog of Onmi Music Publishing and EMI Music.

Reflecting on his success with DPM Band, Andres says, “Music is networking, perseverance, and networking.” Under this premise, Andres and Diego have decided to venture with the development of this electronic music project with the combination of many rhythms such as progressive electronic rock, minimal, and dubstep, where they collaborate and produce new music trends. Due to the success and positive impact, they are already preparing a short film to explain in detail how to form a band during a pandemic, overcoming obstacles, and making meaningful contributions to achieve recognition in the world of music. “Where the Angels Speak” is this band’s recent release and shared with the public on the Music DPM website.

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