More Than Music Official, the Latest Addition to the Podcast Space Covering Music and Entertainment

The past two decades have seen society advance further than before with the technological leaps within a few short years of each breakthrough. Since then, the digital world has also immensely evolved with the introduction of social media platforms, media outlets, and streaming platforms. As a result, entertainment and news have also steered away from books, radio, newspapers, televisions, and movies and taken new forms in podcasts. 

Podcasts have been one of the most entertaining platforms in recent years, as it allows the hosts to tackle a number of topics, from industry gossip and guest appearances to current events. Much like the radio, it is an audio broadcasting medium that can be found on several streaming platforms or websites. Recently, ShawnDon joined the podcast space to create a community that can bring people together to talk about various topics.

Like most people, ShawnDon is passionate about the music and entertainment industries and often found podcasts to be one of the most innovative platforms in recent years. He found everything he wanted to learn about the industry, including the newest artists and the latest tracks of established names. ShawnDon started toying around with the idea of creating his own podcast until he eventually came out to put his plans to action, resulting in the birth of More Than Music Official.

“I’ve always had a passion for entertainment and music specifically,” ShawnDon explained. “I wanted to create a platform that would allow me to interact with others that feel the same way, as well as introduce others to some of the things that I love.”

More Than Music Official is a platform that covers a wide range of content focusing on music. Created in February, the platform is currently in its development stages. Still, ShawnDon has clarified that More Than Music will not only be covering the latest releases from everyone’s favorite artists but also shed light on some of the newer names in the game. In addition, despite its focus on music, the platform will also cover other topics, including TV series, movies, food, and current events.

ShawnDon wanted to develop a safe community for all, and his goal with More Than Music is to make it a point not to showcase negativity. “We want to be a place where people can come to laugh, reminisce, and learn,” he elaborated. 

While other podcasts are in it to generate likes and feed egos, More Than Music strives to provide content apt to leave the viewers and listeners feeling good. So when they visit More Than Music’s Instagram or YouTube channel, they will be presented with interesting and engaging content. Although the platform is new to the scene and still getting its bearings, ShawnDon promises that it will continue to grow. Recently, on their YouTube channel, ShawnDon sat down with established artist Project Pat to reflect on his career, his upbringing in Memphis, his impact on the new generation, and how he feels about the current hip-hop scene.

With the future still up in the air, ShawnDon is optimistic about elevating More Than Music to a higher platform. “I’d like to be at the point professionally where entertainers reach out to More Than Music Official for interviews,” he revealed.

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