Meet the Versatile Artist Behind the Rising “Tory Lanez-Motorboat (Hitta Castro Freestyle Remix)”

Hosting over a decade of experience in elevating the music industry’s standards, Hitta Castro once again proves incomparable artistic prowess with his latest international hit, “Tory Lanez-Motorboat (Hitta Castro Freestyle Remix).”

However, looking at the versatile rapper’s glowing track record, Hitta’s most recent feat comes as no surprise.

An artist of all ages who has tapped into all music genres, Hitta Castro is the Puerto Rican artist behind numerous well-loved tracks. His sound is famous for its authenticity expressed through the powerhouse’s hard-hitting flow and diverse, awe-inducing lyricism.

Within the ten years that he has explored the industry, Hitta has been leaving his mark in every nook, cranny, and alley – earning overwhelming applause from all corners of the globe and collaborations with some of the industry’s best names. Thus far, the renowned hitmaker has worked with artists of the same caliber as Snow Tha Product, Fat Joe, Waka Flocka, Cuban Link, and Skinnyfromthe9. 

Some of his personal and collaborative work includes “GOM” (Gun On Me), which relays Hitta Castro’s mastery of his craft and featuring on a Spanish Remix, “What’s the Move,” “Body Callin’,” “I Needa Hard Hitta,” and “Girl Dem Flex.”

With the internationally recognized musician’s extensive discography, there is a song for everyone. From tough times to happier circumstances, Hitta Castro’s audience attests to the artist’s ability to connect with them and produce beats that could drive anyone to the dance floor.

This reputation effectively built the platform to catapult the rapper’s latest masterpiece, “Tory Lanez-Motorboat” (Hitta Castro Freestyle Remix), to international stages. Since uploading the song on streaming sites, countless positive reviews and reactions have flooded Hitta’s social media channels.

Finally, he’s on the rise. Despite having received growing attention since his debut over a decade ago, the recently-released freestyle remix has introduced Hitta to new recognition levels. His unique flow, along with his brilliant interpretation of the renowned artist’s track, has been labeled by the masses as nothing short of mind-blowing.

Hitta Castro’s story, encapsulated in well-written verses over powerful beats, relays the multi-talented musician’s journey on the rough road to accomplishment. Hitta has experienced and overcame hurdles throughout his lauded career – powering through with fevering passion and strength.

Through “Tony Lanez-Motorboat” (Hitta Castro Freestyle Remix), the rising rapper has not only captured coveted attention but has also communicated that “hard work will reap benefits,” encouraging individuals worldwide to go for their dreams no matter what. 

Smoothening the rocky path ahead, Hitta subsequently released the groundbreaking track “Waves,” which carries the distinctive touches of artists China Mac & King Baggz with 3FoldTino as producer. 

At present, the talent behind the ingenious freestyle remix is working on another intense track destined to reinvent the music industry’s standards. The new song will feature an upcoming artist from Dyckman, New York, named Shimmy Choo, and will be accompanied by a video that the musicians are set to shoot this summer.

“Abdullah Hamadah,” Hitta’s highly-anticipated 5th studio album, is also in the works. The title stands for two things: God’s followers or one who praises often; and the impenetrable brotherhood between good friends. 

Stay updated on the release of “Abdullah Hamadah” and the groundbreaking, versatile artist’s future ventures. Listen to the international hit “Tony Lanez-Motorboat” (Hitta Castro Freestyle Remix) to learn more about Hitta Castro on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and his official website

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