Macntaj Withstands All Trials to Solidify His Brand Presence in Music

Making it in the music industry can be challenging, as the odds of landing a deal and reaching the multitudes gets thinner with time. Millions of artists are now vying for a place on the big stage, but many fall short. Fortunately, Macntaj is not one of them. After landing a seven-figure deal with Sacramento label Bloc Star Evolution, he’s showing the world that he has what it takes to go down the annals of music greatness.

Macntaj is a rapper and artist who has split time between Sacramento, California, and Seattle, Washington State, over the past few years. He’s best known for tracks like “Freefall,” “Hood Burger,” “Love The Same,” “Look Up,” and many others. However, what people remember most about the artist’s hard-hitting tracks is amplified by a series of music videos that have never missed the mark and continue to gain traction and viewers. The artist has over two million views on YouTube and continues to grow that number with time. 

In the past, Macntaj faced hardships after artist Tory Lanez plagiarized his song and music video, “Hood Burger.” But the artist bounced back from that challenge and proved his originality by releasing a slew of songs and music videos with a distinct flavor and style. Today, he continues to climb up the ladder of musical success with every new release.

On August 13, 2021, he is set to release his magnum opus, Big Bloc Meign. This album will showcase his emotional journey in music and life. Laying all of his cards on the table, Macntaj will reveal his hardships, failures, and ultimate success through the album. 

Macntaj has an uncanny resilience because the trial has always been a part of his narrative. He knew that he loved music from an early age, but life hasn’t always gone his way. Despite fortune disfavoring him at many turns, the artist chose to carve his own path and build his own opportunities. Macntaj grew up in a single-mother household with a brother who wanted to become a professional boxer and use his younger sibling as target practice. Yet despite all that, the overcomer continued to persevere in life. 

At one point, he would pick up required General Education Development units and work as a cashier in Walmart. He worked his way up until he got an opportunity to work in finance. He faced many doubters and opposers, but he always found a way to get past every obstacle. Macntaj carried that same perseverance when he would start pursuing music professionally. “I always believed in myself, always believed my brand offered something different,” shares the artist. I’ve never claimed to be anything that I wasn’t.” That authenticity would become his armor and help him get to the top of every circle or community he entered.  He also started collaborating with other top-level artists like X-Raided, King Leez, Jerome Dillard, and many others. 

Macntaj will be one of the first to admit that life isn’t always easy. “Everything I put in my music is from my life and nobody else’s,” adds the artist. “The good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to show kids who feel like the world is against them that they can succeed.” He hopes that his music and story would inspire other artists to continue pursuing their love for their craft despite all the challenges. Learn more about Macntaj and listen to his music by checking out his website and YouTube channel.

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