Lucas Muñoz: The Music Sensation from Central Florida Making Waves

Lucas Muñoz is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Central Florida. He began playing the guitar at four, learning from his father, a professional jazz guitarist. Lucas started his music passion by playing at church early with his father and singing in his choir throughout middle and high school. Originally a native of New Jersey, Muñoz identifies guitarists such as Slash, Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, and Eric Johnson as some of his musical influences. Still, the biggest of them all is his father, with whom he started playing a combination of Latin Blues, Jazz, and Fusion in the local scene in Central Florida.

In 2010, Muñoz moved to Florida. He was only aged 14, and he started to invest more in his music career. He proceeded to Warner University for his undergraduate degree at 18, where he became heavily involved with performing arts. At one point, Lucas played guitar for the University’s chapel band and jazz ensemble. It was while playing at the University that he had his first tour experience. 

In 2018, Muñoz began to take an actual interest in studying the jazz genre, particularly in South Florida. He also strives to hone his skills in singing, songwriting, and playing guitar. That year, Muñoz started to play different styles across all genres of music. He graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2018 and his Master of Business Administration in 2020 from Warner University.

 In 2020, Muñoz released his debut EP titled “Mutasis.” The EP, a combination of genres such as dark pop, hip-hop, blues, rock, and alternative, represents all of Muñoz’s musical influences. Lucas admits that getting out of his comfort zone as a musician separates him from his competition, particularly the older generation. He expressed that remaining confined to a particular genre is one of the pitfalls for older musicians. But as young blood, he believes his ability to alternate between genres and styles keeps him ahead in his game.

As a Gen Z, Lucas hopes to reach people of his generation and background. He continues to strive to have his music resonate within his generation. His music also addresses topics previously taboo in preceding generations, such as mental health.

As a performer, Muñoz wants to make sure that everyone in the audience feels accepted for who they are and feel free to express themselves however they want. In his words, “I dedicate my work as a musician to channel my life experiences and translate them to the song. I want to make sure that whoever is listening to my song can fully relate to the message or draw their interpretations, especially my instrumental songs. I like the people who listen to my music to use the songs as a means of healing, solace, escape, and enjoyment.”

In five years, Lucas sees himself doing what he loves most: performing in front of people, writing, and recording music. “I want to make an impact on as many people’s lives as I can. I want to give happiness to people that are struggling every day through music. I want to work with like-minded people within the industry to make music that speaks for my generation,” he explained. “I see myself being able to make a career in the music industry. I see myself being a role model for younger people and relating to them through my music.” With the rate he’s going now, he’s not far off from that goal.

Learn more about Lucas Muñoz and details of how you can stream his music here.

Glenda Drewery
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