Light Warriors Group Seeks to Bring Ripples of Inspiration, Hope, and Positivity Through the Power of Music

With one global challenge after another, the world is undeniably at a place where negativity thrives and hopelessness effortlessly seeks its way in, disrupting people’s lives in the most unpleasant ways possible. Determined to pursue the mission to bring a powerful difference to society, Light Warriors turns to music as a tool to effectively channel encouragement, hope, and love for the world. Ultimately, the rising music group intends to heal and unite people through unique blends of sounds to help them realize what the world truly needs today.

Light Warriors is a surging music powerhouse that navigates through the realms of rock, funk, and reggae sounds while incorporating indie sensibilities that, albeit familiar, also bring a fresh feeling to the listeners. Composed of seven dedicated members, the group of multi-talented artists pools in their creative insights to form music aimed to uplift its listeners and bring positivity. 

Light Warriors places heavy emphasis on bringing positive energy into community. Its musical works focus on collective frequencies that bring love into action. Much of the group’s performances have been described as incredibly uplifting and encouraging. Some of their hit albums include Raise the Frequency, Survival of Joy, and the anti-gun violence single, Rise Above. Their most recent international collaborative release is “Book of One,” described as a true innovation on the single for the music industry, perhaps an industry first. Overall, the group’s sound has been compared to a mixture of music legends such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Sublime, Dispatch, and Bob Marley. “Book of One” covers multiple styles from pop hop and rap to jazzy funk, trap, and reggae, for multiple reconstructed interpretations on the single, “One”. 

While the rising music group is catapulting to success today, the journey toward its present-day milestones has been challenging. What was initially formed by Erik Rabasca as a solo project in 2016 has now grown into a seven-member group with Erik on guitar/vox, Steven Jean Baptiste on drums, Kris Brewer on saxophone, Jamar Jabari in percussion/vox, Karen Johnstone on keyboards/vox, Liz Page on percussion and vocals, and Angel Sanchez on the bass. 

Admittedly, after a few cycles of talented musicians entering and exiting the group between 2016 and 2018, Erik was ready to pursue a solo career. Fortunately, in 2018, he landed a residency in Brooklyn with rotating musicians. But what truly sealed the deal was Angel Sanchez’s initiative to join the project. Eventually, Light Warriors 3.0 was brought to life, with its current lineup coming together by the summer of 2019. The now solidified lineup then explored newer paths that led them to the success they hold today after nearly 40 shows together and a dozen recording sessions that will yield more new music later this year.

Today, Light Warriors remains at the forefront of giving hope and positivity not only through music but also through other philanthropic endeavors. Through the universal language of music, the group now serves as ambassadors to WhyHunger’s Artists Against Hunger & Poverty program, urging artists, industry leaders, innovators, and tastemakers to use their influence, voice, and power to address the systemic challenges that prevent underserved and disadvantaged communities face from accessing nutritious food systems. With the newest “Book of One” release, Light Warriors is donating half of all album proceeds to WhyHunger. 

Their latest single “One” declares, “One, the volume of unity…One, collectively transforming community.” Equipped with their gift in music, the group continues to use their talents to inspire and ignite hope in the hearts of their listeners. 

Learn more about Light Warriors by visiting its official website. Band photos taken by Tucker Mitchell. Album art created by Kimberly Young Sun.

Glenda Drewery
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