Leash DA BEAAST Plotting Her Climb to Stardom through Music

Looking back at her background, Leash DA BEAAST, also known as Shalisse Townes, has an insatiable desire for success. Growing up in a family of rappers and singers propped her up to pursue a career in music. She has put all the experience she has gathered over the years together to advance her music career. Leash DA BEAAST started music production at the age of fourteen, and by 2012, she delved into video directing. She understood the fundamentals of music production and the artistic aspects of creating videos. These gave her a jumpstart in the field, and today, she has a strong grasp of all it takes to become successful in the music industry.

The Brooklyn, New York-born musician is a talented instrumentalist and producer whose skills have helped her create some of the highest quality and relatable music for her fans. She has relentlessly pursued her music dreams at every stage of her life, and now it’s all taking shape. Her goal is to become more known in the music industry while giving her audience a story to draw inspiration from. Her young audience is impressionable, and she strives to create music that they understand and can resonate with.

Despite her music background, Leash Da BEAAST understands how much of a work in progress she is with her brand. She wants to be the music brand that Gen Z and millennials want to listen to so she can inspire them and show them that it is okay to dream. With a penchant for being in the studio and working on new materials, Leash Da BEAAST is always ready to release new music for her audience to unwind, enjoy and let off steam. Beyond building her career, she also has some up-and-coming artists signed to her record label, BEAAST Recordings, She does not only dream of becoming a successful musician; she also dreams of becoming a successful label executive running a successful music business.

Leash DA BEAAST is building an empire, trying to do things differently from her family that focused only on the music rather than the business side.

“It is important to change the narrative. I am doing this to put my name on the map and uplift my entire family. My daughter motivates me every day, and I want to make sure she gets a good life better than what I had. The generation coming after us should inherit a strong legacy, and I will do my best to put that in place,” Leash DA BEAAST explained.

Her five-year goal is to get herself and the artists signed to her label in the limelight and sign more artists. Leash DA BEAAST believes there is an abundance of talents who all deserve to be heard, and her goal is to give as many of them as possible a platform to thrive. Her journey is one of tenacity, focus, and determination. She wants her music out there to give people hope, sanity, inspiration, and motivation to pursue their dreams.

Learn more about Leash DA BEAAST on her official website.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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