Laverne Cox Finds Humor in Beyonce Mix-Up

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Laverne Cox is more than good with the way that the web has confused her with Beyoncé at the US Open.

The Orange is the New Black star shared a video to Twitter on Monday showing a split-second shot of Cox cheering for Serena Williams during a match at the famous tennis tournament. The tweet was captioned: “Beyoncé at the US Open.” 

The Twitter handle retracted the claim after a netizen corrected it to be Cox, not Beyoncé. Fortunately, Cox herself seemed to enjoy the moment and found humor in being mixed up with the superstar. 

“Not me getting mistaken for @Beyonce at the #USOpen tonight then trending on Twitter as the internet cackles over the mistaken identity,” she said in her Instagram post. 

“These tweets are funny as hell. Enjoy!!! 

Go @serenewilliams #GOAT #SerenaWilliams #Beyonce.” 

Cox’s voice also matched a tweet saying the comparison was a “career highlight,” responding “Absolutely!”

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Cox Were Supported by Friends

Cox was not the only person who enjoyed the hilarious moment. Cox’s friends all left a comment in her post to celebrate her mistaken identity and to be Queen B’s doppelgänger for the day. 

“You both do look alike! It was bound to happen,” said Quei Tann, a Dear White People star, in the comments. 

Meanwhile, Superstore actress Franchesca Ramsey commented, “You DESERVE! You had [the] queen’s essence radiating from behind the mask.” 

And although a member of Beyhive may have been momentarily confused, others instantly recognized Cox when they laid eyes on her in the crowd. 

“Funny, as soon as I scrolled to this, I was like, ‘that looks like Laverne,’” said Angelica Ross, who stars in Pose.

Cox posted several photos of Williams with a video of herself at the sporting event on her Instagram story. In the video, the star is wearing a black mesh top, tan latex pants, and heels. She accessorized the fit with hoop earrings, a black Dior bag, and a black face mask. 

“Arriving at the #USOpen earlier,” Cox captioned the clip.

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