Kid Lit Music Sheds Inhibitions in Latest Collab with International Star Nayla Beauty

When artists release the shackles of inhibition and go against the norm, great music is born. Kid Lit Music did just that in his latest musical works. His musical genius met that of Brazilian pop star Nayla Beauty on their two latest hit singles “Love to My Cash App” and “Money Up.” 

A few summers ago, Kid Lit Music met Nayla Beauty at one of Profundo Pool Rooftop’s Day Parties in New York City. Nayla Beauty, a product of Brazilian and Mozambican heritage, was drawn instantly to Kid Lit Music’s charm and talents. Kid Lit Music was equally drawn to Nayla’s spunk and beauty. A year later, while listening to one another’s music on a weekend trip in Miami, the two would begin their journey to collaboration.

One would not expect a foreign artist to collaborate so effortlessly on a track with a local artist, but the best music is bred from chaos. “Love to My Cash App” is a witty play on soliciting donations via Cash App in order to get the attention of a beautiful woman like Nayla. Kid Lit Music supports that request and plays with the lyrics “Send a Little Love to My Cash App,” as easily as Nayla does.

Since the release of both music videos, the power-packed eclectic duo have garnered over 80,000 views on Youtube. During a global pandemic, Kid Lit Music and Nayla performed “Love to My Cash App” and “Money Up” throughout venues in New York, abiding by the social distancing and COVID prevention guidelines. The audiences received the tracks with so much love and interest.

“My dream has always been to produce music that transcends gender, race, class and nationality. Nayla understands my energy and collaborating with such an authentic person has been so refreshing. She and I have the ability to inspire millions across South America, Africa, the US and throughout the globe,” says Kid Lit Music.

Nayla Beauty explains, “Our music is different and transformative. We create sounds and lyrics without really knowing the structure and the melodies, but we know that every time we get together, it’s like it’s the first time. Every studio session is so exciting!”

Nayla Beauty (@naylamz_us) and Kid Lit Music (@kidlitmusic) worked with master producer and engineer Dolla (@beatknocka) on the last two singles. Their video director King (@thekingsvisionfilms) contributed to the success of their videos with his 4k quality work. You can find both videos by clicking here.

Kid Lit Music and Nayla Beauty look  forward to releasing two more songs on their upcoming EP. Stay tuned for more from the powerful pair!

Learn more about Kid Lit Music and get updates by visiting his website.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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