Kick 5000: The Making of a Generational Talent

To be considered a generational talent is in itself an accolade that many entertainers struggle to achieve. Simultaneously, it is an accolade reserved for very few percentages of people in any industry. For Jamaal Michael Jackson, who is popularly known as Kick 5000, the tag “generational talent” is one he has earned early in his career, and living up to the expectations of the tag is what he is about right now. 

Kick 5000 is a generational musician who specializes in Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae. Having realized that he has the talent and passion, he decided to study music; after spending countless hours listening to catalogs of music, he honed his skills and worked on his melodies. 

For Kick 5000, growing up was tough, having lost his father when he was three years old and having his older brother getting locked up for life when I was thirteen. By the time he turned fifteen, he had lost his mother too. With the latest turn of events, he realized he had no immediate family in the state to take custody of himself and his sibling.

Rap music started for him when he turned seventeen, and according to him, he used to recite his friend’s rhymes every time someone asked him to rap and make fun of their verses, until one day they asked him to try it, he thinks it’s so easy. Subsequently, he began to write verses in his composition book and joined a group known as “The Goons,” a local rap/ hip hop group out of Carol City, Florida. “We created something organic for the love of rapping the best bars. It was four members that pushed each other to be great in every way.”

Recalling the most pivotal moment in his music career, Kick 500 remembered when an A&R told him to refine his lyrics. This period according to him, was when he decided to work on his musical weaknesses. 

Away from music, Kick 500 likes to channel his art and artistry in numerous mediums. His most notable non-musical ability includes his ability to draw, paint and design custom-made pieces. He has been described as a bag of experience and talents by those close to him; little wonder, there are not many music artists in the world today who have the same level of consciousness as Kick; this he admits is not accidental. 

Driven by the desire to make timeless music, transcending beyond preferences and cutting across numerous genres, Kick 5000 describes his target audience as listeners who enjoy lyricism, melodies, beats, and metaphors. In his words, “Especially for listeners that have tried to succeed and could not. My music is out of this world; even aliens have me on their playlist. My music spawned from pain! So it’s for people who are passionate about everything that they do.”

On what separates him from his dedication, Kick 5000 has this to say, “My story and dedication to making something of these gifted talents. My talent emerged out of nowhere, coupled with being a student of the game; I change with the times. The music I provide will always have a different sound than what I put out before. I can harmonize; I can walk on any beat. My ow will grab both ears! My content is just my life. Which makes it authentic.”

In five years, Kick 5000 hopes to be at the top of his chosen career in popularity and numbers. And realizing the amount of work required, he is putting in the work and not resting on his laurels. 

Connect with Kick 5000 on Instagram or visit his website

Glenda Drewery
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