Jeyaia Bursts into the Music Scene with Debut Single, “Rising”

Authenticity is one of the best approaches to stamp one’s solid presence as an artist, and that’s the one thing Jeyaia counts on as her career blooms and blossoms with her debut single, “Rising.” 

The song, a creative expression of her journey through life, telling a story of becoming and adopting the self-love that exists within her to churn out positive energy towards progress, has become a crowd favorite and is setting the tone for the kind of career Jeyaia is building. The Sydney-based singer and songwriter passes a message of self-awakening through the transformation of challenges to growth and hopes to inspire consistent energy in her listener.

On first listen, Jeyaia’s voice bursts through the soundwaves with silky smooth tones and creamy harmonies as she blends neo-soul and old-school R&B. “Rising” is a song about liberation from the shackles of conditional love while adopting love from within, which leads to empowerment and independence to pursue one’s goals relentlessly. “Rising” exudes the energy of self-empowerment and freedom. To me, true freedom is knowing who we really are. Unconditional love is a feeling; when we are connected to the truth of who we are; knowing we are divine extensions of the universe, and we have everything we need within,” Jeyaia shared.

“Rising,” produced by Sydney-based producer Otis James on his first meeting with Jeyaia, has become a well-loved song putting everyone involved in the production in a good spot. “Otis is a musical genius. He played a few chords for me, and I knew it would be my first song. I felt it in my bones. The melody and lyrics channeled through me effortlessly, and together with Otis’ expertise in the studio, the track became more and more powerful. We both became bigger versions of ourselves through the process of creating this song,” Jeyaia revealed.

For most of her life, especially the early days, Jeyaia was influenced heavily and directly by her parents, performing musicians in a blues band. She frequently traveled with them and started developing her artistic skills from that experience. “Music is everything to me. I grew up in a very musical household, and all of my earliest memories are kept alive by the music that created them. Christmas at nan and pop’s house with Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby on vinyl, and summer holidays singing with my family in the car on long road trips. For me, music is my happiness,” she revealed.

As her career takes off with her debut single, the resulting traction and the number of fans she has gained have given her massive encouragement to not rest on her oars. The lyrics from her debut single do nothing but encourage people to see themselves in a new light and embrace the strength they possess from within. “I’m honored to share my voice with the world and inspire other awakened souls to remember their divine truth,” she said.“Rising” is now available on music streaming platforms such YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. For more information and updates on Jeyaia’s upcoming projects, check out her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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