How Drew Lines’ Story of Adversity and Resilience Led Him to Stryker Records

The success of a musician’s career hinges not only on their artistic prowess but also on the effectiveness of their marketing and promotional campaigns. Cognizant of this, talented artist Drew Lines decided to join forces with powerhouse record label Stryker Records.

The aspiring artist, born Andrew Wold, is not a newcomer to the industry and had already built a successful career as a musician. But, as fate would have it, his well-deserved day in the sun did not last long. The singer went through a series of career and life-altering adversities.

The artist first rose to fame as part of the group called The Brotherhood, together with his older brother C.J. Wold, better known as Sycoscribble. Everything was going exceptionally well, and the duo has released multiple tracks and an album. On top of that, people started recognizing the pair’s talents and praised them for their authenticity. 

However, their success was cut short when C.J. suddenly passed away in a tragic accident. The unfortunate incident had shaken up Drew and what was once an optimistic individual lost all hope. 

Nevertheless, the determined Andrew Wold picked himself back up and continued what he started. Under the moniker Tiger, he formed another group called Sheol Dynasty with Scott Keller. Just like his initial group, they had gained a lot of attention and even had a tour around the country. 

Unfortunately, Drew was a car accident where he was thrown out of the car’s windshield. As a result, he suffered severe injuries, including several broken bones and a fractured skull that left him in a coma. 

Despite all that, Drew did not give up on his dreams and life. After dealing with hurdles left and right, Drew Lines has bounced back once again. But, more importantly, he is ready to conquer the music scene with the help of Stryker Records.

The esteemed record label led by Chris Dobry is known for promoting live events with A-list artists like Merle Haggard, John Anderson, SheDaisey, The Goo Goo Dolls, Saving Abel, Saliva, Trapt, and Tantric. In addition, the company is responsible for helping artists promote their music and earn a spot on the coveted Billboard charts. 

Stryker Records recognizes the musician’s prowess in creating poetic lyrics and inspiring music, and it is determined to provide him with an avenue to share his talent with the world. 

Under the label, Drew Lines has released his single “Rise,” Produced by Malcolm Springer and a music video produced by Malcolm Springer II, in collaboration with Mainstage Media and Mad World Apothecary. 

Undeniably, Drew Lines is back, and he is on his way to dominating the charts and the music industry with his impressive skills and the help of Stryker Records.

Fans and listeners should be on the lookout as the singer prepares to drop his debut album, which he is working on together with multi-platinum producer Malcolm Springer and Award-winning producer Scott Wilson at the House of Blue Studio in Nashville. 

Learn more about Stryker Records by visiting its Facebook page. To know more about Drew Lines, check out and follow his Instagram

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