Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV Holds No Bounds through Pandemic, Becoming Successful in Both the Film and Music Industry

To succeed in a single industry is already an arduous task alone, but to thrive in two is near impossible, especially during an unprecedented pandemic. While there are plenty of people who aspire to succeed in two endeavors, only a few can actually push through. Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV is one of the few who have been successful in their endeavors. Although he has been in the music and film industry for some time, Tabiyus is ready to take the world by storm and step into the spotlight. 

An Atlanta native, Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV has developed a reputation as an award-winning Liberian-American music artist, film, director, producer, and actor. Throughout his career, Tabiyus has become an emerging force in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Back by his extensive resume and repertoire, the young musician and film industry figure has made a name for himself away from the spotlight. Even in the uncertainty of Covid 19, Tabiyus has managed to push through and impact on and off screen. 

Throughout his career, Tabiyus has showcased his musical talent by performing with prestigious brands and  famous music and sports venues in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Georgia. His most recent endeavor saw him on the line up with multi-platinum recording artists Ice Cube, Mario, Miguel, Bryson Tiller, and Polo G at the Display Festival 2021. Tabiyus’ talent has paved the way for opportunities to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry, including music director Kimberly Burse who directed Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Ciara, Entertainment Mogul Herman Flores, D.I.F.F.A (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDs), and Make-a-Wish Foundation, to name a few. His most recent endeavor is a collaboration with music artist producer JET in which they produced a single titled “Dance For Me,” which is available to stream on every music-streaming platform.

Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV has only entered the music industry officially a year ago, but he has already left his mark. His quick succession in the industry has allowed him to stand out from his peers. “Because I’ve entered the music industry within only the last year, I have to position myself with record labels, investors, and with the public,” he explained and added: “I’m putting together a campaign with strong-minded individuals, talented friends, and young talent to formulate a winning strategy and really kick down the door as an international recording artist.”

The rising artist and producer strives to rejuvenate the youth’s imagination through nostalgia as he believes that music cannot live without it. “I want to be part of bringing that timeless music back,” he explained, “You can play my songs 30 years from now and it’s still refreshing like “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Billie Jean.””

Tabiyus attributes his rise to the people who already made up their mind about who he was. For a while, the artist believed until he found his voice. Since then, he has been working hard to represent the voiceless and those looking to find their own. “I represent the ones we long to be and the ones we fear the most,” Tabiyus said.

Although he is a new name particularly in the music industry, Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV foresees growth in his platform, and he strives to instill global initiatives by merging the entertainment business with causes around the world.

“God has a purpose for my life. I see myself as an entertainment mogul giving opportunities to those before and after me causing a shift globaly,” Tabiyus shared, “I see myself redefining the entertainment industry.”Learn more about Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV by visiting his official website.

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