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Folk-Pop Duo Wild Whispers Is Making Waves for Its Captivatingly Fresh and Unique Sound

While there is no shortage of talented artists in the music scene, it can be rare to find genuinely fresh acts that push the boundaries of the industry. However, one group dazzles audiences with their propensity for innovation and unrivaled artistry: Wild Whispers.

The harmony-driven folk-pop duo is composed of highly gifted Eli Lev and Megan Leigh, who both hail from Maryland. Eli is from the suburbs of Silver Spring, Maryland, while Megan grew up on a dairy farm in Boonsboro, Maryland. The pair connected on Instagram in 2017 to talk about music and songwriting. Their shared passion for finding and developing a unique blend of acoustic guitar, percussion, and vocal harmonies eventually led to the inception of Wild Whispers.

For their maiden project, Eli and Megan created a trifecta of songs around the theme of the Greek character Icarus and his journey of transformation. The first track is called “Icarus Rising,” which is the same song featured on their Tiny Desk Contest submission. The breakout video was filmed in 2020, sometime after the start of the global pandemic. It was shot in the barn on Megan’s family farm, where they now reside and host some events. 

Alongside “Icarus Rising” are two other songs: the dark and mysterious “Another Side” and the feel-good folk-rock anthem “I Am I.” This exceptional debut venture was produced in Nashville, Tennessee, and highlights full cinematic pop harmonies that center on strong male and female vocals, acoustic fingerstyle guitar, and booming percussion. But most importantly, it set an excellent precedent as to what listeners should expect from the intuitive artists.

Because of Wild Whispers’ catchy melodies, unexpected harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics, the group has made great strides and created a well-deserved buzz within the folk music scene. In fact, some people have likened them to iconic folk groups such as Of Monsters and Men and The Civil Wars, and few even refer to them as modern-day Fleetwood Mac.

Aside from that, Grammy-nominated artist and producer Stonebridge has noticed their incredible talent and decided to do a collaboration. He will be dropping a remix for “I Am I,” which is scheduled to drop this summer. The new version is an uplifting production guaranteed to be a dance floor filler.

With the impressive success of their first trilogy, Eli and Megan released a second set of singles, “Fire,” “My Mind,” and “Hey.” At the same time, they have created a third trifecta of ethereal tracks called “Trace the Lines,” “Rivers to Rain,” and “Purple Mountains.”

Moving forward, the remarkable duo aim to continue their vision of delivering a fresh sound that will elevate the music scene to greater heights. On top of that, they are gearing up for the release of their second full-length album, with six out of the nine songs already recorded.

In the meantime, fans and music enthusiasts can listen to Wild Whispers’ versatile discography on Spotify or check out the videos on their YouTube channel. Those who wish to witness the gifted artists live can catch the pair in one of their live concerts either inside the barn or across the neighboring meadows. 

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Music Observer.


This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Music Observer.