Flyreef Mixes Religion with Fashion and Music to Manifest His Dreams

Flyreef is a Muslim rapper originally from Brooklyn, NY. Having developed his passion for music and fashion as a child, Flyreef has found a distinct voice in the industry. 

Flyreef was born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. His mother brought him up in a Muslim tradition. Despite the challenges of a single-parent home, Flyreef’s mother tried her best to keep him updated with the latest fashion trends. These early life experiences would set the course for Flyreef’s life. More importantly, his close relationship with his mother would serve as his most significant source of inspiration and strength.

At the age of 10, Flyreef began rapping and exploring his musicality. Because of his personal interests, Flyreef’s tastes gravitated towards hip-hop icons. His influences include Jay-Z, fabulous, DMX, and Biggie. The impact of his upbringing would continue to manifest through the years. As Flyreef grew older, he kept the eye for fashion that his mother had given him.

The artist’s choice of a stage name is another expression of his ongoing exploration of his culture and religion. At first, he pushed the name Shareef to embrace his religion more. This later developed into his current name, Flyreef, merging his religious influences and artistry.

A turning point in Flyreef’s life came when his mother was hospitalized and comatose. This tragic experience marks Flyreef’s coming of age, which happened sooner than he expected. Years after Flyreef’s mother passed away, he continues to express his love for her every day by doing what he loves the most – music. For Flyreef, dedicating the life his mother gave him to his gifts and talents is the greatest honor he could give her.

Flyreef continues to hone his skills and develop his style. Fans enjoy Flyreef’s elaborate productions, catchy hooks, and witty verses. Because of his unique sound and message, his latest single, “No Top,” charted at number eight on Billboard. Some of his top songs include “All Get Paid,” “From Nothing,” and “Bands on Bands.” Flyreef has collaborated with other artists like Jody 1K and Young Impala.

The artist has expanded his music and business platform into social media. Having amassed a significant following, Flyreef actively engages with his audience and becomes an inspirational figure. Flyreef considers autonomy and self-determination as the ultimate markers of success. “I want to be my own boss and not work for a soul,” expresses the artist. By mixing religion with fashion and music, Flyreef has paved the way for himself. His authenticity gave him full reign over his career.

“I see myself thriving in every endeavor I get into,” says Flyreef. Being well established in both the entertainment and business world is a testament to Flyreef’s ability to manifest his visions. Flyreef wants his audience to know that regardless of what life throws at them, they can muster the strength to continue reaching out for their dreams.

For more information on Flyreef, you may follow him on Instagram. His music is also available for streaming on all major platforms. Catch him on Spotify or Apple Music.

Glenda Drewery
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