Fast Fire Watch Co. Takes Fire Safety to a New Level as It Sweeps the Country with Its Unique Program

Fire outbreaks often occur without warning, and the first line of defense for buildings is its fire alarm system and sprinklers. However, a broken alarm can be a cause for concern, endangering the lives of everyone in the establishment. The Nation Fire Protection Association or NFPA requires the property to hire a certified watch guard, specially trained to prevent fires by checking for any fire hazard objects on the premises. Fire Watch Co. is a collective of fire service professionals dedicated to safety.

Fast Fire Watch Co. provides a plethora of services that can benefit people for the short and long term, whether they are planned or a precaution after an unexpected equipment failure.

“We offer long term and temporary fire watch guards to clients who are being threatened with shutdowns,” shared the man behind the company, Noah Navarro. “We care about your safety, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you have the fire watch security that you need at the best rates.”

The company’s services can be acquired for commercial space, special events, security for construction sites or dispensaries, or hot work. As regulations have evolved for the modern setting, Fast Fire Watch has adapted to the times, coming prepared with ready, thoroughly trained, and completely reliable guards stationed across the country. Additionally, the company takes pride in bringing safety and veteran officers at a cost-effective price, helping clients every step of the process to ensure they procure the fire watch protection they need.

Fast Fire Watch provides its services across the United States with teams stationed throughout the country with a preparedness to answer calls at a moment’s notice. Guards are always on standby, waiting for the call to action, arriving on the property fully equipped. Fast Fire Watch guards also keep a log and monitor the area per city and ordinance with training that has prepared them to identify hazards to work with the local 911 authorities.

“We care about your safety, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you have the fire watch security that you need at the best rates,” said Navarro. Additionally, the guards can be deployed either temporarily or for the long-term depending on the clients who are under threat of getting shut down. 

Established in 2018, the Fast Fire Watch Co. was founded by Noah Navarro with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. The company provides security and fire watch guards services that consist of professionals who have long retired but continue to strive for safety. Each member has spent an illustrious career helping others and, despite going past their prime, have carried on with their resolve to shut down any potential threats. While Fire Fast Watch primarily delves into fire safety, the collective also has a host of retired military personnel. Additionally, they provide security officers for events, construction sites, dispensaries, and hot work.

Despite being established three years ago, Fast Fire Watch has garnered a strong reputation in the United States for being the highest-rated fire watch and security guard service company. Navarro hopes to take his company even further to continue its mission of bringing safety to people and properties.

Glenda Drewery
Glenda Drewery is a Media Publisher Lead at Music Observer. She works with publishers, broadcasters, news outlets, sports and music organizations, education, and lifestyle brands (among others) to create a healthy ecosystem of diverse content. She ensures clients from the entertainment industry are positioned for success.


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