Emoedagreat Ramps up the Anticipation for His Upcoming Album Bugatti Truck Music

Eric Lattimore, also known as Emoedagreat, is banking everything in his career on his upcoming album Bugatti Truck, which he has tagged the best album ever. He recently released the single “No Kap” to keep the anticipation high. The South Carolina-born musician says he’s ready for all that 2021 has to offer, and in his words, “I’m going to shock the world with this album. It will be the best.” Emoedagreat thrives on his versatile style that enables him to create hip-hop, R&B, and pop music. One of his goals is to set a record of having a number one hit across each of those genres as an independent artist.

Emoedagreat has lofty dreams and a powerful drive that make him a worthy artist to watch. Beyond just creating music, he has invested himself into learning the business side of music and successfully juggles both by himself. He also has his sights set on acting with his TikTok videos, short films, skits, and sketches. He hopes to land a movie role soon and prove himself as a versatile entertainer. He does not only set out to entertain, but he’s also passionate about education as he takes his time to create videos that teach other aspiring entrepreneurs and independent musicians some of the lessons that can help them on their journeys.

With a tagline that reads “Become the Greater You,” Emoedagreat aims to create a brand that rewards passion. “The Emoedagreat family brings everyone inspiration, laughter, and love,” he noted. He has plans underway to launch a record label called Carolina Plug Music Group and build his film company, AsianRican Films, with producer Yvng Ari. He also has a clothing line and an e-commerce website where everything Emoedagreat music and merchandise is sold. Beyond all these, he’s a six-figure earner as a Facebook gaming creator, where he helps big companies promote their products to his large audience.

His upcoming album is his way of stamping his foot strongly in the music scene and showing the world the things he’s capable of as an entertainer. He’s pushing the boundaries in music, comedy, movies, gaming, and video production. “Most people find a niche and stay in their lanes. I don’t have a lane, and it’s working for me. My content creation and music are one of a kind. My personality is one of a kind. I make my own image of what I want to be, and I don’t let anybody control that. I have creative control. Most people in the Industry don’t control who they can be,” he said.

The Emoedagreat brand came to life from a strong desire to be heard. According to Eric, he was overlooked many times even though he had what it takes to be a star. Rather than wait to be picked up, he picked himself up and began self-promotion; that has made his brand into what it is today. He is laser-focused on creating a life he never had for himself and his unborn generations by being successful financially and as an entertainer. His five-year goals include featuring in some of the biggest movies, making it to Billboard’s top 100, and becoming a major source of influence to many young people and aspiring entertainers.

Learn more about Emoedagreat on his official website and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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