Donyay’s Second Single for the Year “Swipe” Is Set to Break Barriers

At the midpoint mark of 2021, many things have happened all across the music scene and worldwide. And while progress is slow on most fronts, artist Donyay is doubling down on his music. The singer and songwriter is all systems go to release his second single for the year, “Swipe,” which will trigger an array of releases for the remainder of the year and beyond. 

Donyay is a musical artist who hails from Columbus, Ohio, and has started to break more ground in the music world with his hard-hitting music. As a musician, he is highly passionate, driven mainly through his love and value for music. Donyay had an unquenchable desire to create from a young age, developing a musical and lyrical ability that surpassed many of those his age at that time. Today, he’s only gotten better and has proven that he has what it takes to be a staple for many hip-hop fans worldwide. 

At the beginning of the year, the artist first broke through when he released his first single entitled “Not At All,” which entered the top 200 charts and gained over 11,000 monthly listeners in record time. The track debuted at the 177th spot and continued to climb up the ranks. However, Donyay maintains that “Not At All” is only the beginning as he hopes to create more music that would cater to his growing fan base. 

After years of developing his skills as a low-key creator, Donyay broke through the music scene with authority and substance. For the artist, his fast rise to fame is the tip of the iceberg as he spent countless hours developing his style, rhythm, and talent. Despite what he has accomplished at such an accelerated pace, Donyay is not resting on his laurels even for a moment. He continues to polish and improve his material as he seeks to only get better with time. 

Donyay has also earned the respect of many heavy-hitters in the local and national music scene, collaborating with executives and artists who have been in the professional music domain for many years now. He looks to create more projects with seasoned and up-and-coming musicians with the sole intent of creating music that improves the listener experience. As an Ohio native, the musician looks to carry the banner of Columbus to the big stage as he seems to be the next superstar that comes out of the humble town. 

“Swipe” was released today, with a music video to match the musical track. As Donyay continues to hone his musical abilities, he guarantees fans that his music will only get better with time. However, as great as his passion for music is his love for self-development. The artist remains a dry sponge, looking to learn from executives and co-musicians as he traverses through the planes of music stardom.

With a highly distinguishable sound and a work ethic to match his natural gifting, there’s no knowing yet how far Donyay will climb. However, there’s enough evidence to show that he’ll be reaching significant heights in the foreseeable future. Learn more about Donyay by checking him out on Spotify and Instagram.

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