Donald Robinson Running Multiple Ventures to Uplift and Motivate People

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Donald Elvin Robinson Jr. watched his father and grandfather run more than one business simultaneously and excel at them. This was all the cue he needed when business ideas started popping up in his head. He has a business background both from his family and had a short experience in college at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Donald Robinson has always been the type of person to pursue what he feels passionate about at any specific time. Now, as a 25-year-old, he is an entrepreneur, a Hip-Hop/Rap artist, an author, and a motivational speaker.

His companies include Technology Squad LLC., Black Art Records LLC., where he makes music, and Mental Motivation Ebooks, where he publishes his books. After he dropped out of college, where he was studying business, he began to manage his father’s businesses and properties. He did that for about four years before he decided to launch his own company. He started Black Art Records to push his new music career at the time so he could contribute meaningfully to his community and give back. “I planned to buy as many lands as possible with proceeds from my music and develop the lands to provide low-income housing for families that cannot afford it,” Donald says.

As he tried to build his music career, he also launched Mental Motivation Ebooks, a platform where people can access motivational ebooks and download them. His goal with Motivation Ebooks was to make available e-books that people can read to improve their personal life, cope with life stress and boost their brainpower. The platform also offers financial e-books that teach how to fix bad credit for people looking to finance a new home or invest in a business.

Donald Robinson has been working round the clock to keep his e-book website updated with new content like motivational books and music to improve people’s lifestyles and moods. “I am new as an entrepreneur, but I’m hardworking and dedicated with a lot of talent and experience that will make a big impact in different industries,” he says. He plans to capture college kids, entrepreneurs, music and art lovers, and technology users based in the United States.

Coming from a background where he didn’t have it all was a major factor that motivated Donald to start his companies. His leadership skills are inherent as he grew up watching his father and grandfather running companies and getting the job done. With his companies up and running, he is focused on building them into profitable businesses that can yield revenues high enough to sustain the companies while also giving back to the community.

His five-year goal is to own multiple companies making an annual income of six to seven figures yearly. He also intends to keep sharing knowledge while building new homes for the underprivileged community. As his businesses continue to lift off, Donald Robinson hopes he gets the chance to make the difference he wants in the world.

Learn more about Donald Robinson on his Instagram and the Technology Squad and Mental Strength websites.

Glenda Drewery
Glenda Drewery is a Media Publisher Lead at Music Observer. She works with publishers, broadcasters, news outlets, sports and music organizations, education, and lifestyle brands (among others) to create a healthy ecosystem of diverse content. She ensures clients from the entertainment industry are positioned for success.


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