DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr. Sets the Ball Rolling to Achieve Musical Success and Lift Others Up

DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr. got into music because of his love for how powerful music is. In his words, “I don’t do it for fame, girls or validation. I make music to bring people together, make a living, change my life and that of my family, and bring other people up with my Influence.” He is passionate about fixing the world’s most prevalent problems like poverty, segregation, climate change, and violence. He has taken the first step with his music, and even as he’s still chasing success, he already created a platform to help other people get on their paths to success too. His music academy and artist management company, Parabolic Moves, was established together with Salo Sion to give aspiring musicians a chance to achieve their dreams and have a platform that supports them.

Jerzy is all about showing the world that nothing is impossible, and there is hope for every problem as long as it is addressed early enough and properly. Alongside his music, he’s passionate about mental health and is doing everything in his power to create awareness about it. As a testament to his commitment, he’s enrolled in an accelerated nursing program at Keiser University so he can get involved in the fight. “I want the world to understand that being vulnerable is okay and to know about the worsening global mental health, something that is not talked about enough,” he says. 

After meeting a fellow brother and talented artist Salo Sion, Parabolic Moves turned from an idea into a movement. Parabolic Moves Entertainment was created by Salo Sion. Jerzy and Salo became brothers, and they decided to be partners in making this movement happen. Parabolic Moves is the first move toward enabling other artists to make something out of their careers. The company’s motto, which is about “setting artists free eternally,” reinforces its commitment to giving artists an environment where they can be the best they can be and succeed in the music scene. Signed to the company himself, DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr has a verified SoundCloud account with more than 5 million streams to his songs on the streaming platform. He has climbed to the top 5% of artists globally, and his hit single “Remember” coming out May 28th, 2021 helped him land a record deal with major labels Hexagon and Freshsqueeze. Not only this, but he also landed a monthly mix-show on America’s number one dance music station; Revolution 93.5 FM.

Alongside building his career, DJ Jerzy has many top-tier artists he manages. Within six months, Parabolic Moves Entertainment has made a definite mark on the entertainment music scene, and Jerzy Roginski says it’s only the beginning of great things from the company. “Our work ethic is uncanny. What we have been able to do in only six months not many have done before us, and we do not plan on stopping! We work intelligently, quickly, and diligently to produce real results, all in all, keeping it about building long-term relationships and bonds with others,” he says.

Jerzy Roginski wants to see artists achieve success while enjoying their creative and financial freedom. The company’s goal is to ease the path to success for these artists, put out positive messages through music, and generally make a difference. Jerzy’s goal is to build his brand into a global brand, touring the world in the next few years. Jerzy Roginski Jr, CEO, and Salo Sion, CEO are building a musical empire out of Parabolic Moves Entertainment and will continue to grow over the next decade and create a new generation of music stars and turn them into global household names in the music industry.Learn more about Jerzy Roginski Jr. on his official website. Also, don’t forget to follow him on social media for new updates; Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud.

Glenda Drewery
Glenda Drewery is a Media Publisher Lead at Music Observer. She works with publishers, broadcasters, news outlets, sports and music organizations, education, and lifestyle brands (among others) to create a healthy ecosystem of diverse content. She ensures clients from the entertainment industry are positioned for success.


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