Daniel Kivo Making Executive Lives Better with VA Services

Over the last few years, there has been a significant decentralization of work in an environment where globalization is prevalent. However, Daniel Kivo and his company know that remote job opportunities are not only possible—they’re beneficial for many companies abroad or on American soil looking to outsource some tasks which can’t be completed domestically due to location restrictions.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us all about how remote jobs have helped during times when traditional office space isn’t available because so many Americans now live outside major cities with their families. Hiring VA Now is an outsourcing company that aims to free up time for business professionals and entrepreneurs by removing all of the administrative work from their plate. Virtual assistants can help companies with e-commerce management; digital marketing, graphic design, web development, and so much more. 

“I started this company to address the frustrations I had,” shares Daniel about the agency’s origins. “I have worked with tons of freelancers that didn’t turn out to be who I thought they would be. So I thought I would start taking care of that part for many other businesses, seeing as I have learned so much over the years on recruitment.”

Daniel Kivo brings over a decade of experience in human resources, talent management, and recruiting to the mix. He started working for the US Army as well before moving onto other agencies, where he was able to help grow their teams by implementing his knowledge. He also earned two prestigious degrees: a bachelor’s degree in Communication Vanguard University and a master’s degree in Human Resources at Claremont Graduate University. 

In 2016, he was hired as the Head of Recruitment for Link Consulting At this point Daniel also started learning how to create systems around screening, data analysis, and interview tactics. In 2017, he started to work for Ace Parking as a Talent Manager,  where he also headed up strategic recruitment and interviewed hundreds of applicants a week.

Daniel Kivo, CEO of Hire VA Now, is an experienced entrepreneur who knows how to run a company. He always tries to provide his clients with the best customer service possible so they never have any worries about their personal assistants performing poorly or not showing up for work at all hours.

The founder and CEO behind this successful business model has been running 24/7 back office operations that offer full support systems in order to avoid these complications from occurring.

Learn more about Hire VA Now and Daniel Kivo’s work in recruitment and hiring by visiting his Instagram and LinkedIn profile.

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