Damion Hype Living out His Musical Dreams and Pursuing Stardom

When musical talent is embedded in a person, it’s usually hard to suppress it and for Damion Hype, the music just had to be made one way or the other. A look back at his genealogy showed him that his immediate ancestor, his father, wanted to pursue music but was unable to because he didn’t have the resources. Damion wasn’t going to be a victim of quashed dreams; so here he is today, making things happen and building a name in the music industry.

His love for music goes back as far as a high school student at Happy Grove High School in Portland. His first musical performance had him beating his desk and rapping popular dancehall with artist, Popcaan. Not long after, he left Jamaica for the United States to complete his high school education where he relentlessly pursued his musical dreams and followed the footsteps of successful global Jamaican stars like Bob Marley and his family, Sean Paul, Shaggy and dancehall’s Gongalee Louie Culture who hails from the same parish with Damion.

His biggest motivation was his father’s story as an upcoming musician. He watched him perform at various hotels in Jamaica with a band and seeing how the audience often cheered him on and enjoyed his performances gave Damion all the jolt he needed to take music on too. Damion released his first song, “Gone,” in 2016 featuring Twaine Henry. The song got some positive reception from his friends, family and growing audience, who all encouraged him to record more music. He heeded the advice and returned to Jamaica and recorded his second single and it’s been an upward movement from there.

Looking back, Damion Hype remembers running into one of his biggest inspirations, Louie Culture who told him that he had a unique voice and could succeed in the music business if he kept pushing and recording music. Today, Damion Hype has six official song releases under his belt and has certified himself as a creative lyricist. His songs include “Bad Gal,” “Tonight,” “Above Di Water,” “Baby Boo,” “You Mi Want,” and “Identity.” His songs have gained traction by being on heavy rotation on radio stations all over the United States, Jamaica, Kenya and the Caribbean.

The Memphis-based musician takes pride in being a creative songwriter with the ability to adapt to any music style or genre. “Even though I am from Jamaica and the slangs we use are not always easy to understand, I make most of my music with the intent that everyone can understand it,” he explained. “My single ‘Tonight’ has some Spanish, ‘Baby Boo’ has some African language, and so on. I have at least 4 songs out with foreign languages.”

Damion Hype has his sights set on conquering global music and touching as many people worldwide as possible. His five-year goals include selling out concert venues and performing to thousands of people, all singing his songs word-for-word. He also plans to give back to his community in Portland and Kingston Garden in Jamaica and be a change-agent for the people he cares deeply about. With his new single “Secret” making waves and the video in the pipeline, Damion Hype believes there’s more to be done and he’s rolling up his sleeves to deliver the best to his audience while building a legacy that will outlive him in the hearts of many.

Learn more about Damion Hype on his official YouTube channel or Instagram.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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