Boss Startup Science: Honing Small-Time Business Owners to Become Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Most small business owners dream of someday growing their venture into a massive enterprise. However, a lot of them find it extremely challenging to accomplish this. Seeing an opportunity to impart his expertise on the matter, serial entrepreneur Gregory Shepard has co-founded a learning center that teaches people how to successfully scale a startup called BOSS Startup Science.

Gregory Shepard is the leading authority in the startup scene and has impressive achievements to show for it. He is known for being responsible for 12 liquidity events, two of which were sold as part of a $925 million transaction. In addition, he won 4 Private Equity Awards for transactions between $250 million to $1 billion.

He has written hundreds of articles published in 25 national and international publications for ForbesBooks. Additionally, he is the host of The BOSS Podcast, featured on ForbesBooks. He has shared his expertise on how to grow a startup on several podcasts, popular network TV programs, and radio shows.

However, on top of his remarkable accomplishments, the awe-inspiring man wishes to share his success with others. He said, “I am motivated by the concept of being able to change income and wealth inequality through entrepreneurship and poor people that are living check-to-check into a different category of wealth.”

Because of this, he has made it his mission to create brands that fulfill his long-term goal. One of which is BOSS Capital Partners, a global syndicate for investing in tech startups worldwide.

Counting on the knowledge and extensive experience he amassed from his 25 years of experience growing new businesses, the brilliant individual has developed the Business Operating Support System or BOSS. It is a business methodology focused on early-stage startups providing a framework designed to achieve a successful liquidity event within five years.

In addition to that, the program was created to help founders who are at the early stages to avoid common mistakes by improving their understanding of starting, growing, and scaling with less risk. Ultimately, it empowers entrepreneurs and boosts their confidence, effectively increasing the success rate of their startups.

From there, BOSS Startup Science was created as an avenue that connects the remarkable program with potential users. The one-of-a-kind learning center provides educational tools and crucial information that uses the principles of BOSS. 

Aside from that, Gregory Shepard also wrote a research paper called Silver Master that tackles what most startup companies around the world are doing wrong and why they have a 90% failure rate. But on the other hand, he has successfully proven that this does not have to be the case through BOSS Startup Science. The research paper will definitely help entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

In the foreseeable future, the outstanding individual plans to scale his venture’s influence further and reach a wider audience. Moreover, he hopes that with its current success and the testimonies of the students it helped, more people will see the invaluable service given by BOSS Startup Science.Find out more about BOSS Startup Science by visiting its official website. You can also check out Gregory Shepard’s page to get more information about his other projects.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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