Ayestí Branching Out From the Traditional Musical Path to Success

For the last few decades, the road to musical renown and success has been pretty much templated for most artists. Anyone who has made it big started with a traditional label that would help grow influence, only to leave artists penniless and clueless about what brought them to their demise. Rapper and artist Ayestí believes that there is a better way than that. Accordingly, he feels that he’s much closer to a more holistic version of success than most artists who have “made it” in the music world. 

Adrian Thomas Townsel, better known by his screen name Ayestí, was born on March 2, 2000, in Lima, Ohio. The musician likes to think of himself as an artist more than a rapper. The musical artist has picked up an undeniable gift for storytelling, creating complex melodies and crafting catchy hooks and lyrics masterfully. To date, the musician has gathered over one million listens from all over the globe and tens of thousands of followers on social media.

Before coming into music, Adrian was an A-grade student who excelled in academics for most of his school life. He took up studies around finance and math and would later graduate with flying colors. But upon entering the real world, he realized that he didn’t want to live a corporate pipedream, hating the idea of losing half of one’s life to a nine-to-five job that’s simply there to provide upkeep. From that point, Adrian Thomas would turn to music and make it his calling. 

Growing up, the artist created music with a friend who went by the name “SpaceBoii.” Together, the duo created highly electric music that showed endless worlds of possibilities in the music industry. Sadly, SpaceBoii would lose to a bout with suicidal thoughts and ended his own life at a young age. As a tribute to his partner in crime and friend, Ayestí would release the song “Uber Everywhere” using SpaceBoii’s favorite music production apps. Later, he would take the track down.

Like most artists who know the business side of music, Ayestí believes that music’s landscape is quickly changing. The strategies that worked ten years ago are no longer the best routes to success. Ayestí has observed a new path and has taken a more independent approach. As a result, he’s not only happier but also has more control over his material and greater freedom. 

January of 2021 would prove Adrian’s most significant year as he would hit over 10,000 streams on Spotify for his first single, “Mind Games,” which he achieved on the first month of release. In the beginning, he went with 4gmusiq as his rap name but later adopted the name Ayestí instead for the long haul. The artist appeared on news channels like CBS and Fox-affiliate news stations. 

Before “Mind Games’” success, Adrian Thomas Townsel made headlines for his EP single, “Martian,” a track that would become a fan-favorite and appear on thousands of playlists and YouTube channels like “Royal Vibes” and “RapLayer.”

Armed with this knowledge, Ayestí hopes to make a label in the future that adapts this updated template to musical success. “I see myself helping new artists push their music out the real way and helping people achieve their goal,” shares the artist. 

To keep up to date on the artist’s quest for a better music business template, follow him on his website and Instagram profile.

Glenda Drewery
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