AstronautBoyz Incorporated Looks to Challenge the Status Quo in the Music Business

Every so often, a new player enters an industry and starts to disrupt the whole market. Currently, that player in the Colorado and neighboring areas is AstronautBoyz Incorporated, a music production and artist representation company that’s rethinking the entire music business model and bringing more agency and power to rising artists. 

Founded in 2015, AstronautBoyz Incorporated, or ABI to some, started with three goals in mind— empower rising artists in the local scene, bring more authenticity to the hip hop music genre, and help underprivileged artists and communities. Because of their commitment to community-building and quality music, ABI has received many awards and recognitions in such a short time because of their work in the music industry. In 2021, AstronautBoyz was awarded the Professional of the Year Award. Its founder, Adrian Howard, has also received multiple accolades, including many leadership and achievement awards at the local and national levels. He was recently named one of Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Leadership awardees.

Based in Aurora, Colorado, the business is quickly catching momentum and rising as a significant player in the whole state and throughout central and even western US regions. Its tagline is “We Stay on the Moon,” a perpetual reminder of the company’s culture of disruption and innovation. The company exists for one main reason: elevating artists while also helping the community in the process. 

ABI has built a strong narrative of credibility and trust amongst artists, brands, and other networks in record time. Boasting many client and community projects, the agency remains proactive in delivering hope to musicians, both aspiring and existing, especially among the youth. AstronautBoyz has worked with various artists who have now climbed to significant heights, such as artist BWillz, who broke through the clout with hits like Property Over Monopoly and Rags to Riches. The latter especially has been performing exceptionally well as it continues to go viral on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. To date, BWillz gets up to 4,000 listeners every month. His other tracks include “Big Bag,” “Do the Math,” “Bag and Cheek,” “1 on 1,” “Count it Up,” and many others.

One of ABI’s other remarkable competitive advantages is their vast music professional network that can help artists get feedback within seventy-two hours. It also has an excellent footing in the PR world, which has allowed them to get artists on some of the most significant publications, magazines, and newspapers without fail. ABI artists have been featured on sites, and publications like Thizzler on the Roof, Hip Hop 357, Raptology, Street Money Radio, RapCastle, Artist Weekly, This is 50, Entertainment Monthly, LA Wire, and many more.

The company also continues to thrive through the leadership and strategy of company CEO Adrian Howard, who has spent years as a successful entrepreneur. More importantly, Adrian and the whole team have a passion for music and work non-stop to help deserving artists thrive and grow. AstronautBoyz also continues to create programs that give back, including a recent initiative to give sneakers and school supplies to kids who struggle through poverty. 

AstronautBoyz Incorporated seeks to continually uplift the music industry in Colorado, holding on to the belief that their artists have so much more to offer to the world. To learn more about AstronautBoyz Incorporated, check out its website, Instagram profile, and YouTube channel.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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