Artist CPTime Inspires People of All Ages with His Clean and Inspiring Music

Cole Parkinson, better known as CPTime, is an independent hip-hop and pop artist from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He specializes in clean, motivational, sport, Holiday, and Party hip hop and rap music. Cole has been writing music and performing for many years at many venues around the Philadelphia area, including at halftime of the Philadelphia 76ers games. He has also performed at rehab centers and community events and has three albums and many singles on all streaming platforms. 

“I am a clean hip hop artist who speaks to kids, adults, and everyone in between with a message that is always positive regarding motivation, faith, and themed type music to speak to specific groups, holidays, and events to separate myself from other “rappers.” I also coach youth football and am a team leader for young men in an organization called Alpha Christian Athletes which focuses on all sports and encourages young men to have faith in God”, says the well-rounded, independent hip hop artist.

CPTime is always looking to grow and move forward in the music business; he is eyeing the younger generation of kids looking to gain motivation and enjoy their music while working out or going to events with friends.

“I have a lot of different and fun, clean music for many different people to listen to and enjoy,” shares the brilliant rap artist. “But, I need more people to be aware of me and what I do. Particularly I would love for my fans to get to know more about my newest motivating rap single called “Rise,” which is geared towards self-motivation, faith, and positivity.

At the same time, being 30 years old, he can also speak to his age group as well as the older generation regarding his music because of the  entertaining and versatile element when it comes to different music videos and themes. “I am different. I know everyone says that, but I do not see a lot of artists having music videos and songs with Halloween, Christmas, and football-themed type videos and songs, all while being clean with no cursing. I love what I do and want more people to see and hear it!” the passionate rap and hip-hop artist adds.

CPTime first started rapping when he was in college. After creating a couple of songs, he got his own money for a home studio. He fell in love with the process of making music and making different types of music. He has loved how he has grown and finds joy in seeing his small fan base grow. He has reached a level where people sing his songs at shows and recognize them right away when they hear them. The versatile artist finds this the most rewarding and appreciates the experience. “I am motivated by growth and finding different ways to separate myself and be consistent to get more and different people to listen to what I have to say through my music,” says CPTime.

To know more about CPTime, you can visit his website.

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