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Angela Easley’s Latest Album ‘Rise’ Takes the Music World by Storm

Nashville-based singer Angela Easley has been making waves in the country, R&B, and folk music scenes for years. Her latest album, “Rise,” has been a success on the Billboard and Soundscan charts since its release in the second quarter of this year. The lead single, “I Can Let Go,” has received praise from R&B audiences, featuring Angela on piano and backed by a horn section and powerful guitar. A special guest quartet, The McCrary Sisters, also appeared in the video. Angela’s follow-up single, the race relations unity anthem “Rise,” aims to inspire and uplift listeners.

For the third single from “Rise,” Angela Easley tackles a complicated relationship in “Don’t Let The Devil Down.” According to Roots Music Report, the song has already reached #1 on the Contemporary Blues charts and peaked at #76 on the Music Row Radio chart. The sassy and catchy “Don’t Let The Devil Down” is a country-rock kiss-off that demands close listening for its full impact.

According to Angela, the idea for the song came from Lori Kelley. “She had taken it to other artists, but they all turned her down because they were afraid it would be misunderstood,” Angela explained. “The song is about someone in a bad relationship whose partner is constantly accusing them of cheating. She refers to the man as ‘the devil.’ And since ‘the devil’ insists she’s out with other men, she decides to give ‘the devil’ exactly what he thinks. I think it’s clever!”

In addition to her successful singing career, Angela is also a professional massage therapist and radio host. She truly embodies the message of “Rise” with her many talents and her dedication to her craft. It’s no wonder that Angela Easley continues to captivate audiences with her powerful voice and impressive range of skills.

“God gave me this gift from a young girl, and I am still motivated by the grace of God!