Allyson Wade Drops New Music and Visuals for “Lonely With You”

Are most artists making music to impact lives or are they just jumping on trends, amassing streaming numbers, and moving on? Allyson Wade definitely enters in the first category, her music is intentional and relatable. This intentionality shines through in her latest song and video, “Lonely With You.”

She describes “Lonely With You” as an anthem for people in relationships where they don’t feel seen or heard. “Many people have the most love for those they’re with, but they hardly receive the same level of love or even feel like they’re getting the love back. The song is for them to uplift them and make them feel better. I hope they get to listen to it, see the video and enjoy it,” she said.

Allyson Wade traces her music journey back to the time she moved to Los Angeles to pursue better opportunities and grow her career. She was born and raised in Louisiana and spent her formative years developing her musical talents. She connected with Mikal Blue, a songwriter, engineer, and mixer who has worked with musicians like Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves, Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting, and OneRepublic. Since her move, Allyson Wade has four songs to her name, with the latest one being “Lonely With You.”

Allyson is getting her career off the ground by writing and creating the perfect songs for her upcoming EP that’s coming out in 2022. This year she plans to release two more singles. The video for “Lonely With You” is available on YouTube and has garnered 95,000 views within the last month.

Allyson Wade’s music has elements of electric pop in it, and she relies heavily on visual content to tell stories with her songs. Describing her artistic persona, she said: “I think I have a unique sound and view on how I write music. I also have a different perspective on life based on my experience. So I create stuff people can relate to.”

We see Allyson Wade’s music traveling far and wide all over the United States and beyond. Her message can resonate with people worldwide, and she’s willing to make that happen by any means possible. Her goals for the next few years include having chart-topping songs, becoming a part of conversations bordering around the most talented artists in the music industry, and touring the world.

“Making music is something I always wanted to do, and I’m thankful I got the chance to. I want to make a global-level impact without deviating from the core of my music’s essence and message,” she said.

Learn more about Allyson Wade on her official Instagram or check out her new music on the streaming site.

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